Get 50% Off on Over 3000 Products Exclusive Interview With Rising Star NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren Triani Exclusive Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren Triani

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I began my first prep in late October 2012 for my first show Dec 7th 2012, I started doing this because I was working in the night club scene as a bartender, modeling and living not so healthy (diet soda and vodka, lettuce, and apple diet). I would see the fitness magazines at the gym and look at the girls in them and say to myself I can do this and in October 2012 I decided to change my life inside and out.

How do you stay so motivated? What drives you?

Motivation comes from my own personal goals I have for myself. One of my goals is hopefully in the near future to be an IFBB Bikini Pro, and also I am a personal trainer so to improve my rankings in the NPC and hopefully one day the IFBB will be very beneficial for myself, my business, and clients to know that they are getting trained by a top knowledgeable athlete in the country. The drive I have is me being so critical with myself. This can be good or bad but I am very hard on myself I don’t accept failure or do anything 99% its always 100% or nothing with me when it comes to my diet, training, posing, and overall prep.

I am literally in a gym more then I am home with my work schedule and my own personal workout time so the balance between my long work days and my own personal time to train myself is sometimes mentally and physically defeating but I realized a long time ago the body and mind are one, if you can get both mind and body in sync and positive anything is achievable. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren Triani

What is your training routine like?

During prep: Fasted cardio and plyos, have a few meals mid afternoon, weight training for example a leg day on prep would last about an hour and a half with all superset exercises then post workout cardio. So depending where I am in my prep total time spent training is about 2 ½ to 4 hours broken up in my day.

Off season: Off season training is a little different I try to always make improvements and try to add muscle during my off season while I have some extra calories in my diet so training is usually mid morning in between my morning and afternoon clients. I train with more weight and a good amount of volume to try to add muscle, minimal cardio 20-30 min to give my body a break from it so when I begin prep for a show again my body will respond to it. Total training time off season about 1 ½ – 2 hours. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren Triani

If you had to choose only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

If I had to choose 3 exercises they would have to be; squats, roman chair leg lifts, and lateral raises. First exercise would have to be the squat, I think for obvious reasons but you can do squats wide stance, narrow stance, and the basic shoulder width apart. With a free bar or body weight squats are essential to anyone, male or female trying to improve their lower body, targeting glutes and hamstrings which everyone I train does a good amount of squats, weather it be body weight, on the bar or with dumbbells my clients squat and so do I. Heavy squats will drastically change your lower body and always squat with a spot, use the smith machine or the safety rack if you are new to squats, form is crucial in this exercise to prevent injury.
Roman chair leg raises or hanging leg raises is one abdominal exercise that targets the whole core and lower back, which who doesn’t want a flat defined stomach and tight lower back. Depending on how you do this exercise; legs raised in a ball, legs raised straight out, hanging twist with legs raised or legs raised one at a time it can be for a beginner or a pro level athlete. Last but not least lateral raises, one of my favorite body parts to train. You can do this exercise with cables, machines or dumbbells, I am a big fan of cables because of the negative you get from using the cable. I like to switch up cables and dumbbells (not a fan of the machine personally) for lateral raises in training myself and in clients, but I find lateral raises more effective in sculpting the female body then any other shoulder exercise. This exercise also hit’s a little bit of waist and hips (if done with proper form). I think personally women look best with rounded delts, little waist, and rounded toned glutes.

These three exercise are essential for building a toned physique for both women and men.

What is your favourite form of cardio?

My favorite form of cardio would have to be morning fasted on the stair mill. What I love about the stair mill is that you can do a variety of intervals and different steps on it while doing cardio. For example, one of my favorite intervals would be; 4 minutes facing the front skipping a step, then 3 minute on each side crossover step, then 4 minutes facing the back leaning slightly forward, walking slow pushing the heels to target the glutes and hamstings. When cardio is more then just walking or running looking straight forward it goes by a lot faster, and I find it that the stair mill is more effective for women and men who want to have a sculpted lower body. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren Triani

What is your diet like?

Oh the million dollar question, diet. The word “diet” isn’t in my vocabulary, I call it healthy fit way of life. Off season which is my high calorie part of the year really isn’t too much different then my competition prep meal plan, which changes though out the weeks. Usually I have 6-7 high protein meals with essential fats and low-moderate carbohydrates depending on what I am training that day, except when I have a cheat day or meal then its up in the air. Really the major difference in my prep and my off season, my carbohydrate intake is next to nothing during prep to get the proper conditioning but right now I have a good amount for me to make lean muscle gains without getting too far off my competition weight.

I am 4’10 ½ and my stage weight is 86 lbs right now off season is 97-100 lbs. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren Triani

What supplements do you use?

The supplements I use and swear by is Species Nutrition. Since I began dieting for my first show I have used these products which now I can proudly say I am a sponsored athlete which was probably the best part of my 2013 competition season. Species Nutrition has all natural products and products with the highest potency. Species Nutrition has my favorite whey isolate protein, Isolyze because I can drink it on competition prep and not feel guilty because its 27g of pure whey isolate and that’s the only ingredient in the shake no sugar, no carbs, no lactose, no gmo, no fillers at all. Lipolyze (stimulant free fat burner) and Somalyze (sleep aid & night time fat burner) are also amazing products and a big part of my daily supplementation. These are only a few products I use out of the entire Species Nutrition line. All these products are top of the line, grade A supplements. I used the product line a long time before I was signed with them so I truly believe in the power of products and recommend Species Nutrition to anyone. These products are not just for bodybuilders, anyone can use these products. Along with whey isolate, pre workout, creatine monohydrate, and fat burners Species Nutrition has multi vitamins and minerals, omegas, fiber, protein pudding and joint repair supplements for the average person as well.

If anyone is looking for a good quality brand of supplements check out Species Nutrition you wont be disappointed. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren Triani

What are the highlights of your fitness career?

The highlights of my fitness career would have to be when I was no one at all in the industry did not even compete but MuscularDevelopment.Com contacted me to film a training video about a week out from my first show, then followed by an interview with RxMuscle.Com after my first show, getting first call out (top 6) at my first big national show, Jr. Usa 2013, and dream come true being sponsored by a company I love Species Nutrition late in 2013. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren Triani

If anyone would like to contact me feel free to email me at [email protected] I love to hear from fans, and people who I can motivate and inspire.

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