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Shocking Techniques: How To Get Over Plateaus

Shocking Techniques: How to Get Over Plateaus

Almost everyone will reach a point in their training program where it seems they are working their butt off but getting nowhere. This is described as a “plateau”. When you plateau, something needs to change.

First, you should evaluate your program. Ask yourself: How long have I been consistent? How often do I change up my workout routine? What is my diet like? And how much sleep am I getting.

Here is a list of different ways that you can confuse your muscles and get them past that plateau. It is not possible to use all of these techniques at once. Vary your workouts by incorporating a few of these deviations and you will see greater results from every workout.

Just remember that using some of these variations may cause over training if used on consecutive workouts.

Varying intensity

You can sometimes challenge yourself by putting more exercises into your routine without using more time. Or you can try to get the same routine done in less time. This means less time between sets and it requires a fast recovery rate.

Heavy and light days

The best way to shock the muscle and keep it growing is to use heavy and light training days. Here is an example: On heavy days, use as much weight as you can for 6-8 reps and on light days, put on as much weight as you can for 12-15 reps.

Rest between sets

Rest can also be varied to give you some change. Try adding more rest for large muscle groups and less rest for small ones.

Forced reps

A forced rep is considered as trying to lift more weight than you can lift by yourself and needing your partner to help you finish the set. This is good on heavy days when you are at your failure point and you just need a little help to get that last rep. Another form of forced reps is to have your spotter force down the bar to your chest (on bench press) on the eccentric (downward) phase of the lift by applying his bodyweight to the bar. You may need the spotter to help you get the bar back to the top of the movement.

Partial reps

Partial reps are a great way to get your muscles to burn. When doing partial bench press reps, you should only lift the weight about 4 inches off of your chest. This works great when used as a compound set with dumbbell bench or incline flyes. This goes for any other exercise as well. Only do the first half of the rep. But don’t do these for squats; it’s a waste of time.

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