Exclusive Interview With Top NPC Bodybuilder Jesse Hobbs Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jesse Hobbs

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I got started with bodybuilding after being on bed rest for over 6 months for a double surgery I had to have. I tore my ACL, meniscus, cartilage and fractured my shin bone during the second football game of my senior year. I then came back and tried to play with all of those injuries and the last game of the year I ended up tearing my bicep with 3 minutes left in the game. After seeing my body and how terrible it looked after laying around doing nothing for almost half of a year I decided it was time to do something that is not easily accomplished. Something that requires competition because I have always been a competitive person.

So on March 4, 2012 I decided to get up and go to the gym and start my long journey towards becoming a bodybuilder. And of course growing up watching Dragon Ball Z, I always wanted to look like Broly lol.

What keeps you motivated?

Honestly, what keeps me motivated is my potential I have at such a young age. I have been told by many pros that they wish they had the jump start at such a young age that I do. Self motivation is a big thing for me, I do this to prove to myself that even through the worst times you can always prevail and not just reach, but surpass that light at the end of the tunnel. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jesse Hobbs

What is your current workout routine?

Monday: Chest/Triceps

  • Bench: 2×8 3×4 1×8
  • Incline: 4×8
  • DB Bench: 4×8
  • DB Incline: 4×8
  • Pec-Deck super set with overhead DB dips: 4×15 each exercise no rest between
  • Cable push-down super set with cable cross-overs: 4×15
  • Skull crushers: 4×8
  • Rope pull down: 4×12

Tuesday: Back/Biceps

Lats – This is something that varies.. I like deadlifts but if my body is not feeling it I don’t do them (which I hardly ever do them honestly lol) If I do deadlifts I always start with them.

  • Deadlifts: 2×8 3×4 2×6
  • Super wide grip pull-ups: 4×20
  • Wide grip lat pull downs: 2×8 3×4 1×15
  • DB rows: 4×15 each arm
  • Low row machine: 4×8
  • Standing DB curl: 4×8
  • Concentrated curl: 4×12

Wednesday: Legs

  • Squats: 2×8 3×6
  • Burn out: 1×6 1×8 1×12

  • Leg press: 1×15 1×10 4×8
  • Leg extension: 5×20
  • Hamstring curls (kneeling or laying it doesn’t really matter): 5×20
  • Smithing machine leg press: 3×10
  • Calf raises or extensions: 1×30 1×8 1×30 1×8 1×30 1×8 1×30 1×8

(You want to rest after the set with 8 reps.. So go light weight you can do 30 with, then heavy weight that you can do 8 with and then rest, then repeat 4 times.)

Thursday: Shoulders/Traps

  • DB shoulder press: 4×8
  • Front lateral raises: 4×12
  • Reverse pec deck: 4×20
  • Arnold’s: 4×12
  • Bent over lateral raises: 4×12
  • Seated machine shoulder press: Burn out
  • DB shrugs: 4×20
  • Barbell shrugs: 3×8

Friday: Biceps/Triceps

  • Standing DB curl: 4×10
  • Concentrated curl: 4×12
  • Hammer curl: 4×12
  • Concentrated curl machine: 4×15
  • Weighted dips: 4×10
  • Rope pull-downs: 4×15
  • Wide grip bar cable pull downs: 4×15
  • Reverse grip bar cable pull downs: 4×15

Cardio 3 times a week at 30 minutes a day Stairmaster Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Abs, same thing with weighted crunches. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jesse Hobbs

If you had to choose only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

Squats, Bench, Deadlift.
Mostly because I’m an old school lifter and powerlifting exercises are what I enjoy doing most and I feel like they are the most effective towards building that overall mass freak look.

Competition history:

  • Europa Dallas 2013: 1st place teen bodybuilding
  • Phil Heath Classic 2014: 1st place teen bodybuilding

I will be competing in the Dallas Europa 2014 in Novice Heavyweights and Open light-heavyweight, this is exactly 2 weeks from now. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jesse Hobbs

What is your favourite form of cardio?

Stairmaster, hands down. I model this after the pros, you don’t see many big time pros doing HIIT or crazy intense cardio. They just keep it at the stairmaster 3 times a week and if worst comes to worst you can throw in another day or few extra minutes on the stairmaster. Burning into muscle is not something I am a big fan of. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jesse Hobbs

What is your diet like?

Egg whites and hot cereal in the morning… Chicken and asparagus every meal thereafter with a protein shake post workout. 6 meals a day 2 hours in between both.

What supplements do you use?

On contest prep I use

  • Nitro-Tech protein by MuscleTech
  • NaNo Vapor pre-workout by MuscleTech
  • Neurocore pre-workout by MuscleTech

During offseason I take

  • Cell-Tech by MuscleTech
  • Anabolic Halo by MuscleTech
  • Phase 8 by MuscleTech (before going to bed) Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jesse Hobbs

Bodyspace: JesseHobbs

Facebook: Jesse Hobbs Bodybuilding

Twitter: ‏@HobbsJesse

Instagram: jessehobbsbodybuilding

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