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How did you get started with bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding became an interest of mine while in middle school after seeing the images in a Muscle and Fitness magazine. I was amazed and impressed with the idea that one could transform their bodies into such an extreme degree. Taking up an on again, off again approach all through high school brought me very little. It wasn’t until my first year of college that I joined a local gym and met Joe Troccoli who became my mentor and taught me all the basics to becoming a bodybuilder.

Being only 138 pounds when joining, I knew I had a long road ahead of me. Four years later, I entered my first competition and the passion began.

What keeps you motivated?

The motivation can be difficult after 24 years of training. The main motivation that still pushes me today is my ultimate goal of obtaining my pro card. It was my goal after a couple of years of training and still pushes me today. The other motivator is the never ending process of continuing to make improvements to my body.

I’ve had to adapt and modify things over the years as my body can’t take the workload it did 20 years ago. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jeff Schwartzer

What is your current workout routine?

My current workout routine consists of training 5 days a week with 2 days off, with off days being Tuesday and Saturday.

Sunday is back, traps and calves.
Back consists of 30 total sets, executed within 5-8 exercises. I stick mostly to the basics for a majority of my exercises, being barbell rows, deadlifts, pull downs (various grips) T-bar, seated rows and hyperextensions. Traps consist of 1-2 exercises, barbell shrugs from the front and rear being the staple. Total sets are 6-10 and reps range from 12-20. Calves are completed in 2 exercises, one being standing calf raise and the other seated calf raises. Total sets are 8-10 and reps vary from 20-50.

Monday is shoulders and triceps.
Shoulders are attacked from every angle, performing 2-3 exercises for the side head, utilizing cable, dumbbells and machine for a total of 10-12 total sets vary reps from 10-25. Rear delts are hit with 2 separate exercises each consisting of 4-5 sets with the reps varying from 12-25. The preferred exercises are rear pec deck, seated or laying on an incline bench using dumbbells or bent over using a cable. Front raises are trained using 1 movement for 5-6 sets with reps ranging from 10-15, preferring dumbbells, weighted straight bar or cable using either a rope or small straight bar. Pressing movements are trained with dumbbells, barbells to the chin or the various machines offered at the gym. Typically 2 separate exercises are performed, totaling 8-12 sets with reps in the range of 8-20.

Tuesday is a rest day.

Wednesday is quads, hamstrings and glutes (still my favorite day).
Hamstrings start things off with 3 separate exercises for total of 12-15 sets, sticking to the basics, lying leg curl, seated leg curl and stiff legged deadlifts with reps ranging from 6-20. Glutes are targeted with glute kickbacks and 1-legged leg press, along with lunges that I list under quad exercises. Reps range from 15-20. Quads are attacked with the staple, squats (mostly executed with a barbell), leg presses, hack squats, lunges and leg extensions. Exercises vary from 3-4 for a total of 16-18 sets with the reps varying from 8-50.

Thursday is biceps and triceps.
Biceps consist of 3-4 exercises totaling 15-20 sets with reps in the range of 10-20. Exercise choices are preacher curls (machine or straight bar), cable curl (single arm or two arms), dumbbell curls performed standing or with an incline bench and hammer curls completed with dumbbells or cables using a rope. Triceps are trained with 4-5 separate exercises, totaling 20 sets. Exercise choices are pushdowns (rope or straight bar), machine dips, close grip presses either with a barbell or a chest press machine, lying tricep extensions (cable, E-Z curl bars or dumbbells) and overhead tricep extensions completed with a cable or dumbbell. All movements have reps range between 12-25.

Friday is chest day consisting of 4-6 exercises totaling 20-24 sets with reps ranging from 8-20. Exercise choices are incline barbell presses, dumbbell presses both flat and incline, dumbbell flyes both flat and incline, various machine presses and cable flyes varying the angle with each workout.

Abs are trained 2 times a week and no particular day. They are trained with giant sets performing 3-4 different exercises in succession with minimal rest in between. Reps generally stay at 20 per exercise. Total sets are 16. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jeff Schwartzer

If you had to choose only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

The three exercise I would pick would be barbell squat due to the amount of muscle recruitment involved in that exercise, along with the fact that big legs can’t be obtained without it. Dumbbell chest presses due to the ability to target various areas of the chest by varying the angle they are performed to target multiple areas of the chest. Seated rows is my third choice due to the fact that it can hit multiple areas of the back at the same time.

Competition history:

  • 1993 Gainesville 1st middleweight and overall.
  • 1994 N.E. Florida 1st light heavyweight and overall.
  • 1994 S.E. USA 7th light heavyweight.
  • 1995 Jr. Florida 2nd light heavyweight.
  • 1996 S.E. USA 2nd light heavyweight.
  • 1998 Southern States 1st light heavyweight and overall.
  • 1999 Nationals 6th light heavyweight.
  • 2000 Nationals 7th heavyweight.
  • 2001 Florida State 1st heavyweight.
  • 2001 Nationals 15th heavyweight.
  • 2003 Nationals 2nd heavyweight.
  • 2005 Nationals 12th heavyweight.
  • 2006 Nationals 7th heavyweight.
  • 2007 Sunshine Classic 1st heavyweight.
  • 2007 USA’s 5th heavyweight.
  • 2007 Nationals 10th heavyweight.
  • 2008 Nationals 7th light heavyweight (terrible idea to drop a weight class).
  • 2009 Nationals 7th heavyweight.
  • 2013 Southern States 3rd heavyweight.
    2015 undecided on which show, but coming back with a vengeance and a chip on my shoulder. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jeff Schwartzer

What is your favourite form of cardio?

My favorite form of cardio is the Step Mill or some call it Stair Master. It’s the endless flight of stairs. Nothing gets the heart rate up like that machine.

What is your diet like?

Current diet is egg whites with a couple of whole eggs with either oatmeal or a bagel. Another option when training clients at 5:00 am and every minute of sleep is precious, is oatmeal with protein powder added. Two meals contain lean ground beef or lean steak with rice and sometimes beans. One meal contains chicken and the same rice and bean combo. Two other meals are partial serving weight gainer shakes (3 scoops of Oh Yeah Gainer) with extra whey protein added.

If time and hunger is an issue, a 7th meal will consist either steak or chicken with rice. Vegetable choices are broccoli, green beans, zucchini and squash. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jeff Schwartzer

What supplements do you use?

Supplements I use are Oh Yeah Gainer, Whey protein from various companies, glutamine powder, BCAA powder, arginine, pre workout powder, glucosamine & chondroitin, MSM, multi vitamin, multi minerals, vitamin C, CoQ 10, grape seed extract and probiotics. Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder Jeff Schwartzer


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