Exclusive Brands Exclusive Interview With UFE Pro Natural Bodybuilder Bill Jones Exclusive Interview With UFE Pro Natural Bodybuilder Bill Jones

Quick Bio:

Age: 31
Height: 5’10” – 178 cm
Contest Weight: 200-205 lbs – 90-92 kg
Off-Season Weight: 225-230 lbs – 102-104 kg
Location: Rochester, Michigan, United States

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

In 2010, I started working at a gym where some of the other trainers competed in bodybuilding. After getting to know me a little they approached me and told me I should try bodybuilding because I had a good frame and good size. It wasn’t until 2012 that I actually competed in my first contest. For two years I went back and forth about actually preparing for a show, all the while training extremely hard and working with my diet to constantly make changes to my physique.

I kept learning and applying different concepts and techniques until I finally started my first contest prep in May 2012. Exclusive Interview With UFE Pro Natural Bodybuilder Bill Jones

What keeps you motivated?

My motivation comes from the love of training. I will never stop competing unless I injure myself to where I can’t step on stage. There will always be a category to compete in no matter how old you are. I also love to watch videos of others training.

I am a big fan of the motivational videos that you can find on youtube, facebook, etc. In the moment, those videos keep me motivated.

What is your current workout routine?

Right now my current off season routine is a basic bodybuilder split routine. I train legs, chest and back 3 days per week while having a long, hard training session of arms and shoulders once per week. I train for power and strength for a portion of the year and I train for size and strength the other portion of the year.

This includes my contest prep where I lift heavy and leave the gym completely exhausted everyday. Exclusive Interview With UFE Pro Natural Bodybuilder Bill Jones

If you had to choose only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

My favorite exercises are the Squat, Bench Press and the Clean. I absolutely love to squat and I love to train legs. I feel no greater pleasure than to not be able to walk for a day or two after a great leg workout, and all of my leg workouts include a lot of squats. Next is the Bench Press. If you saw my pictures you would say that I have a small chest. Which I would agree with that statement. But I love to bench press. I love the feel or raw power as you test your strength and show that you have a pair by getting under the bar and giving it your all. My third choice for favorite is the clean. I know it’s not your typical bodybuilder movement but I utilize these a lot during my training.

They help keep my traps, upper back, and shoulders full and it is a very skilled and technical movement. I’m not very good or efficient with them yet but they are a ton of fun.

Competition history:

  • August 2012: Michigan Central State Championships – 6th Place Light Heavyweight
  • September 2013: UFE Havoc – 2nd Place Heavyweight
  • October 2013: UFE Halloween Mayhem – 2nd place Light Heavyweight
  • November 2013: Elite Competition – 2nd Place Open Division
  • World Championships – 9th Place Professional Open Division

  • November 2014: World Championships – 11th Place Professional Open Division Exclusive Interview With UFE Pro Natural Bodybuilder Bill Jones

What is your favourite form of cardio?

I don’t think I have a favorite form of cardio because I really don’t like to do any of it. I guess you could say the form of cardio that I think is most effective is the Stair Master for state cardio or pushing a sled for HIIT cardio training. Either way, you are a sweaty mess that just wants to take a nap afterwards.

What is your diet like?

My diet in the past has been a mixture of things but I am working with a new coach right now. As of now (currently off season), I am eating a moderate to high carb diet with one cheat or refeed meal per week. I am eating a lot of chicken, beef and eggs for my protein sources. My carbohydrates are mainly made up of different types of rices, pastas, and oats. My fats are on the lower end and its mainly peanut butter, EVOO and some mixed nuts periodically.

My cheat meals are usually sushi or a burger and fries from some of my favorite burger joints around town. Exclusive Interview With UFE Pro Natural Bodybuilder Bill Jones

What supplements do you use?

My supplementation is pretty simple. I don’t use a ton of supplements because I like to eat mostly whole foods. The staples in my program are most importantly BCAA’s, glutamine, and a multivitamin. At times I’ll try some pre workout and other products but I mainly stay with those three items. Other than that I don’t really like to put much else into my body.

What is your favourite quote?

To be the best you have to train like the best. When you aren’t training they are; and when you play them, they will win. Exclusive Interview With UFE Pro Natural Bodybuilder Bill Jones

Bodyspace: PrimeMover

Facebook: Bill Jones Pro Natural Bodybuilder

Instagram: billjonesbodybuilding

Youtube: Bill Jones Bodybuilder

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