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Weight Loss Supplements But What About Those Side Effects?

Weight Loss Supplements But What About Those Side Effects?

But Aren’t They Bad?

Many people are wary about weight loss supplements, and with great reason. Many supplements that have been on the market either don’t work at all, or work so well that you end up with disgusting, nasty side effects. Anal leakage, anyone? And with dieting and weight loss being the “hip” thing in America, it’s no wonder that the market is absolutely saturated with people just trying to make money, and not caring as to how it affects your body in the end. So, how do you search informatively? What are the things you need to look out for?

For one, you need to establish your need. Are you looking for an appetite-suppressant? Are you looking for a metabolism booster? Are you looking for something that combines the two, like Phen375 for example? Before you begin your research that is what you need to nail down: what is the purpose for you wanting a weight loss supplement?

Once you have the reason pinpointed, here is where this article can help you. Below I am going to outline some things to avoid in your supplements when looking at the ingredients, as well as things to look for when searching the exact same thing. For example, if you are taking a test booster, then the main component required for your body is D Aspartic Acid and your body requires min 1500 gms. Now, you need to spend some time in finding a product which offers more than 1500 gms. I hope now you understood how to find a health supplement.

Weight Loss Supplements But What About Those Side Effects?

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Similarly, when you are trying to find out best Phen pills, its highly recommended to go through reviews written by verified customers and medical researchers. There are only few websites like,, etc who wrote reviews by taking feedbacks from medical researchers.

Ingredients To Look Out For

One of the major things to look out for is something called germander. While it is said to be attributed to weight loss and relieving arthritis problems, it has also been proven to attribute to liver damage and even, in some cases, death.

Another major one is pennyroyal oil. This little thing is said to improving respiratory issues and digestive problems, but guess what? Not only is it linked to causing hypertension, it also contributes to nerve damage, convulsions, and…you guessed it…death.

Want another one to watch out for? Lobelia. This one is very popular, because in the herbal industry it is known to actively help with asthma issues. But, guess what? This stuff has a side effect of death as well, not to mention confusion and rapid heart palpitations.

Know What Is Going In Your Body!

You guys, it is imperative for you to know what you are putting in your body. These side effects aren’t your run-of-the-mill nausea and headache effects. There are real and serious documented medical effects that hospitals have seen time and time again when people flood their bodies with these kinds of things. You owe it to the body you are trying to make healthy to stay away from these products. And I am not trying to scare you, but these things can still be found in drug stores and food branches across the country. That is why educating yourself is imperative, now more than ever.

Side effects in weight loss supplements will have a tendency to happen, and 82% of the time it is usually when the product buyer does not read the product instructions on how it is supposed to be used. For most weight loss supplements, you don’t just open the bottle and take a couple in the morning. Some you take a night. Some you take twice a day. Some are formulated for certain diet plans, like a low carb plan or a paleo diet. Some require a certain amount of liquid consumption throughout the day, and some even require some sort of food transport in the process! Make sure that you are reading the instructions for the particular supplement that you have purchased so that the “side effects” you might experience is not simply because you didn’t take the time to read the instructions.

Now, here are a few things that you can look for in your weight loss supplement that you can rest assured are not only safe, but all-natural as well.

Here Are Some Things To Look For

Beta Glucan. This is a soluble fiber made from algae, mushrooms, and yeast, and it is known for lowering cholesterol as well as helping aid in weight loss and helping to control your diabetes. Sounds like a massive win to me.

Hydroxycitric Acid. This stuff is a salt that comes from the rind of a fruit. This has been used in Indian remedies for stomach issues and joint pain. If you ever find it in the store, you can find it under HCA or brindleberry. The good thing about this one? Science actually backs its claims in weight loss and appetite-suppressing powers.

Another one is whey protein. This is something that everyone has probably heard from time to time and, yes, I am talking about the stuff in your husband’s nasty protein gloop. But don’t knock it, this stuff is a very serious appetite suppressant that comes from the whey in milk. It’s easily digestible, and comes with a few vitamins and minerals that we do not normally get in our regular diet, either. It really is worth a chance.

The last one I will give you to look for is mango seed fiber. They come from the African mango tree, and is actually used in Africa as a natural pain reliever and antibiotic. However, studies are beginning to also back this particular thing as well for both weight loss and diabetes maintenance. The studies are just beginning, but the first two have looked incredibly promising.

Educate Yourself

What I am trying to tell you is that it is important to know what is going on in what you are putting in your body. Getting healthy first starts with recognizing what is going into it in the first place. Weight loss supplements are a wonderful boost to any diet and exercise program that you might be starting on, but you have to educate yourself to not just find one that suits your needs, but to find one that is safe.

Whether you are looking to boost your energy, lose weight, suppress your appetite, or find a complete and total meal replacement, research and active reading goes a long way in not only finding the right supplement for you, but being aware of what is in that supplement. Listen to what the FDA has to say about certain ones, and try as hard as you can to stick to ones that have been proven to be all-natural.

Beware from those supplements which are not FDA approved. Example, hcg drops, steroids etc. But, there are many people who has left positive reviews from supplements like hcg. It is highly recommended to go through reviews before you buy any supplements. These nasty side effects that come with some things that I listed above are still natural ingredients, they are just harmful after a specific dosage, and you have to watch out for that! Outlining things that you know are good versus things you know are bad is a very good start to finding the most accurate, and safe, weight loss supplement for you.

After all, you owe it to the body you are getting healthy to do it in a healthy way.

Author: Gracy Liura

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