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Poor Posture Affects Your Health; Here’s What You Can Do

Poor Posture Affects Your Health; Here’s What You Can DoGenetic in some cases, and often underestimated, poor posture can be recognized by the curved spine, especially in the lumbar area, and by the hips and stomach tilted forward. Sitting, especially with your legs crossed, for long periods at a time, can also be considered bad posture.

Drivers and people working in offices in front of a computer are most at risk, but it often happens that people are not aware of the way they sit or stand, and of how their bad posture reflects not only in the way others see them, but on their health as well.

Bad posture does not only look bad, but can cause varicose veins, headaches, improper breathing, pain in your lower back, shoulders, neck and jaws, even gastrointestinal problems. It can worsen depression, stress, and lower one’s self-confidence. Moreover, it puts pressure, often long lasting, on the hip joints and spine.

There are several ways to improve posture, including exercises, taping and support braces, but achieving good posture can be a little complicated, especially since initially people tend to lose sight quickly over the correct way of sitting and soon return to their slouching position. Therefore, braces can be used to improve control in the lower, mid and upper back, as well as in the shoulders. There are different types of braces, offering varying levels of support, from lower to higher. These braces are best used in combination with exercises that strengthen your muscles and improve your posture as a result, and that allow you to gradually replace a heavy support brace with a lower support one, until there is no need for braces at all.

Helpful exercises

Exercises include neck, shoulders, and back stretches, weight workouts, as well as tightening and strengthening of your deep abdominal and spine muscles for improved long term posture. Be aware however that incorrect weight lifting can actually harm one’s posture. Exercises that strengthen your core, such as yoga and pilates, will also help with any gastrointestinal issues you may have as a result of bad sitting.

Anyone can immediately improve their posture (and health) simply by standing, rather than sitting, since it is known that standing burns more calories, boosts metabolism and bone density, and strengthens muscles.

Sitting at a desk all day long is likely to lead to long term slouching, so to counteract this problem, use an ergonomic chair at work. Note that it does not necessarily have to be straight-backed, but rather allow you to sit back a little, in a position that you feel comfortable enough not to crane your head forward. Remember to take regular breaks to stretch and walk around the office, but if you cannot leave the car or stand up from your desk, an exercise you can do while being seated is to pull your shoulder blades back and down in order to lift your ribcage bottom a little (no more than two inches), and maintain the position for 10 minutes.

Author: Steven Senelson

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