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Personal Trainers Share Their Secrets On Rapid Weight Loss

Personal Trainers Share Their Secrets On Rapid Weight Loss

Have you ever wanted to know all tips and tricks personal trainers use? The time has come to discover what they have to say about rapid weight loss. From specific workouts to advice on diet, we present you four successful personal trainers and their secrets to success.

James Duigan

James Duigan, a personal trainer with an online nutrition degree, and is behind the model figure of Elle Macpherson reveals his secrets to losing weight. James advises his clients to apply new research findings in practice. The more time you spend chewing food, the less you overeat. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to send signals to the stomach that you are full. Longer chewing reduces the levels of hunger hormone as well. According to this experienced personal trainer, we need to eat within the hour of waking-up. Missing breakfast results in slower metabolism.

James also recommends that we have half of the food on the plate raw since overcooking kills necessary nutrients. The common mistake is that we eat fruits after the meal. By eating fruits 30 minutes before the meal, fruit sugar digests more easily.

Ghazi Karim

Ghazi Karim is a qualified personal trainer and a master of the Fission-Fusion Training System created by Amir Siddiqui. When it comes to rapid weight loss, the trick is in dealing with hunger. This professional personal trainer from Dubai advises everybody who wants to lose weight to structure his/her eating. Make a plan what you are going to eat and ensure you have meals every two or three hours. The successful battle against hunger includes balanced diet which incorporates carbohydrates, protein and fats.

When it comes to caloric intake, his advice is to use a method 10-12 calories x bodyweight for calculating caloric deficit. Finally, if there comes a time you simply must eat something, choose diet beverages, carbonated water or raw carrots.

Bob Harper

One of the most famous personal trainers, Bob Harper is known for the TV show “The Biggest Loser”. He claims that he does not believe in the mantra that we should only exercise to achieve significant weight loss. According to him, diet is the first on the list, then exercises come. Having this in mind, his ultimate advice is to avoid over-processed foods containing a fructose corn syrup, a sweetener and preservatives.

However, he does not underestimate the power of a workout, so he came up with a high-intensity training which combines strength training and cardio. He claims that the main goal in any workout is to increase the heart rate since it is the only way to burn fat. Additionally, Bob recommends a 20-minute workout as an ideal one.

Chris Powell

A host of the TV show “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” and an author of the book “Choose More, Lose More for Life”, Chris Powel has some great tips on weight loss. He underlies the fact that we need to start with small changes which will develop gradually over time. There is no point in making a promise to yourself to do cardio every day for an hour. In the beginning, no one can do this and the failure to accomplish this goal will just lead to disappointment. The same applies to diet, start by taking out added sugar out of one meal only.

If there comes a time when you fall back on unhealthy habits, Chris advises to take three steps just like he does in the TV show. Confess to yourself in order to release your emotional weight, then try to find the reason why you started the bad habits and finally try recommitting to the goals you set.

It is important to mention all benefits a personal trainer can have. A personal trainer designs exercises targeted to you depending on your fitness goals. He/she teaches you to make every exercise movement properly. Finally, you have someone to boost your motivation every time you feel down.

Try to incorporate some of the recommendations into your lifestyle. Be determined and always have in mind this saying “Tis a lesson you should heed: Try, try, try again. If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again”.

Are you familiar with some of the tips? What is your secret to rapid weight loss?

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