How Long Until I Bulk Up?

How Long Until I Bulk Up?

For better or worse, fitness results do not come easy, and gains are fought for in the gym arena every day. After only two weeks of physical inactivity, people lose a considerable amount of muscle strength. It takes a constant, uninterrupted effort to reach goals. To keep themselves motivated, most people want to know how long it takes to build enough muscle to be ready to face the mirror. Well the answer is not half bad, but it is not great news either.

In the long haul

It is important to stress at the beginning that we are not presenting hard numbers, as different conditions affect the success of any workout routine. In any case, steer away from people making outrageous claims and do not fall for false promises of instant gains. A legitimate training program is serious business which can be divided in different stages, and each takes a different amount of time to complete. We all come with sedentary muscle mass from the very start – it takes virtually no effort to achieve, and everybody has it to begin with. Thank those grocery bags you’ve been carrying around.

The next stage involves gaining a light muscle mass, and on average, it means working out for a month. For now, it is best to engage in lighter exercises, focusing on high reps to get in shape. After another two months, one can hope to get to the point where moderate muscle mass is noticeable. This requires harder exercises and moderate reps. So, get prepared for pull-ups and dips and do not forget to rest between sets. By doing this, you are also preparing your body for more advanced exercises that wait for you further down the road.

How Long Until I Bulk Up?

At this point, weighted pull-ups enable you to maximize the results. Of course, this means that low reps are preferable to avoid going overboard and hurting yourself. Proper form comes before added weight, and flawless execution takes you a long way. Now is the time to put serious weightlifting gear and specialized training sessions into focus. Your muscle mass is now on the final level before reaching its genetic limit. Your absolute maximum muscle-wise is reached in five years of serious programs.

Limits of control

There are many variables that are part of the workout equation and these numbers are not set in stone. Some factors you can control, but others, like genetics, are predetermined. First of all, note that muscle mass declines with age, making it harder to stay in shape. People also have different body shapes and certain amounts of muscle mass to begin with. Moreover, the innate testosterone level is an essential element, sitting on the top of the “hormonal pyramid”. This variable can be artificially enhanced with exogenous testosterone though.

Time can be your friend or foe in terms of training age as well, which is the amount of time you have been lifting weights. Newbies gain muscle mass faster than those who have been working out for years, which is called the law of diminishing returns. But, the veterans have an ace up their sleeve: muscle memory. This is a natural property of the body to restore all previous homeostasis.

How Long Until I Bulk Up?

Furthermore, weightlifters who make good use of performance enhancing substances and supplements can expect muscle mass to develop more quickly. Just remember that these do not replace an aimed diet, which is always the cornerstone of achieving prime results. A balanced diet will serve as a driving force behind training routines, but the oil for your engine is a determination to go all the way.

No pain, no gain

For most people seeking to bulk up, the million dollar question is: How long? Well, the answer depends on many factors, and varies from person to person. Each body has a specific and limited capacity for muscle building. Still, we are not dealing with ballpark figures here, since most people can expect a similar proportion of effort and gain. What you need is a solid exercise plan and a nutrition program. Sticking to those might be the hardest part of the path to success, and staying on the right course is harder than most people think.

And yet, with an insurgence of fitness models, what makes you think you can’t go a solid way down that path yourself?

Author: Kate Flannery

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