How Bodybuilding Has Evolved In The 21st Century

How Bodybuilding Has Evolved In The 21st Century

The origins of bodybuilding date back to Ancient Greek times when the celebration of the human body and what it was capable of was one of the main sources of entertainment. Although we still share the same level of fascination with bodybuilding as the Ancient Greeks, they certainly didn’t have the luxury of quality gym equipment like we do today and had to make do with using any old heavy object they could find to get their workouts in. From the rise in popularity in bodybuilding in the early 1900s to the sculpted superheros we see on screen today, bodybuilding is a pursuit that is always on the move.

How Have Our Bodies Changed Over The Last Fifty Years?

Just as bodybuilding has changed and evolved over time, so have the physiques and body shapes that we see in competitions, on film and in the media. Physically our bodies have changed tremendously over the last half a century. Just a cursory look across sports records and achievements over the last decade alone shows us that as a species we are getting bigger, faster and stronger.

How Has This Changed Bodybuilding?

In today’s world of social media the ideal body shape changes quickly. We have seen a shift from the big, ballooned muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s to a more aesthetic look in bodybuilding in recent years. Back in the height of Arnie’s hayday, social media didn’t exist and with the emergence of Instagram and the like, we have undoubtedly seen the face of bodybuilding change forever. The visual aspect of bodybuilding is easily captivated by avid followers on social media which is why in recent years we have seen a different kind of trend that isn’t influenced by any one individual, but rather a fitness style such as MMA or Crossfit.

Where Will Bodybuilding Take Us Next?

Bodybuilding has always been a showcase of strength but today this has evolved along with a greater awareness of our bodies, our health and our wellbeing. We are more interested in different ways to create strength in our bodies than watching one person’s rise to pumped up muscularity. Bodybuilding has always held a certain amount of intrigue because of the pure fascination of seeing just how far the human body can go when it’s pushed to its limits.

The ever changing face of bodybuilding constantly keeps the sport fresh and exciting as it continues to come up with new challenges and competitions. Nobody can predict where our bodies will take us next, but it’s sure to be an impressive journey for sure.

Author: Jess Walter

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