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Building A Home CrossFit Gym: How And Why?

Repeatedly mentioned, gyms can be expensive. Memberships, the travel and things like lockers and rentals can be costly. This is especially true with CrossFit gyms.

These memberships are some of the most expensive in the fitness industry. They can also vary widely by location. This variation usually depends on how many other CrossFit gyms are around, and how many people are going to it.

But, even the lower priced gyms can hit your bank account pretty hard. This is because the CrossFit organization runs on an affiliate business model. This means that they charge an affiliate fee for gyms being certified as CrossFit gyms. So, for many of these gyms, their bills can run quite high with fees, equipment and rent all due.

Fortunately, many CrossFit enthusiasts have an easy alternative: The CrossFit home gym. If the right approach is used, you can create a cheap and effective gym right at home.

It also won’t impede your competitions because CrossFit also doesn’t require a membership to a specific gym to compete. The home gym can also be a good option if you are already a member of a CrossFit gym.

It can allow you to get in workouts at awkward hours, double your hours in training, or just give you some extra privacy.

Additionally, a home CrossFit gym can be a good idea whether you’re a hardcore CrossFitter looking to boost performance, or a casual beginner looking to save some money.

A CrossFit gym is not an ordinary fitness facility. As many CrossFitters will tell you, these gyms are unique. Because of the wide range of exercises, a lot of thought is required when setting up a home CrossFit gym. This is particularly true if you’re on a budget.

So, we decided to put this short article together. Below, we give out our top tips for creating a rocking CrossFit gym at home. Following these tips should help you save money, maximize space and create a great training environment.

Building A Home CrossFit Gym: How And Why?

Top Tips For Building A Home CrossFit Gym

Keep It Simple (And Versatile)

When many people think of creating a home gym, their mind can often drift to “fancy” equipment. Things like Smith Machines, leg press machines, and flywheel trainers can all make the list.

Some advanced CrossFitters can often use a home gym to fill some equipment gaps from their usual gym. But, investing in specialist items or machines is hugely inefficient. This is because they can usually only be used for one or two exercises. They also offer no more benefit, and can even be less effective, than using free weights.

So, the simple equipment like a bench and power rack always trump machines or specialty items. They’re usually cheaper and can be used for a much wider range of exercises. They’re also easy to adapt for beginners or advanced athletes as needed.

To help you make decisions when you’re shopping for your home gym, we put together a list of the best and worst items to start off your home gym.

Building A Home CrossFit Gym: How And Why?

Building A Home CrossFit Gym: How And Why?

Invest In Iron (And Rubber)

One of the biggest mistakes I made when setting up my home gym was buying finicky equipment. This included things like plastic weights, medicine balls instead of slam balls and kettlebells. I also bought some foam flooring to help prevent damage when lifting.

This all led to me replacing my entire gym over the span of a few years. So, buying quality equipment is it’s own reward. I’ve seen iron barbells and rubber slam balls and flooring last decades in the gym. Decades!

This can help save you money in the long term and offers better quality for more advanced athletes, who will be stressing their equipment much more. Brands like Eleiko, Rogue, and Jordan all offer high-quality gym gear that sure to last you a lifetime.

Building A Home CrossFit Gym: How And Why?

Upgrade Conservatively And Buy Second Hand

Just because you should buy high-quality equipment, doesn’t mean you should pay top dollar for it. The high durability of good gym equipment discussed above also means​ they can be bought second hand with confidence.

So, buying second hand gym equipment is a great way to set up a top quality gym and save money doing it. Consider each upgrade carefully too. Just because your barbell has lost some sheen doesn’t mean it won’t work as well. Any old equipment can also be repurposed, like using an old barbell as a practice bar.

Maximize Space

Whether you’re setting up your gym in a small spare room, or in a large garage, there is no such thing as too much space. A spacious CrossFit home gym allows you to do any exercise you need and reduce the risk of trips or damage to equipment.

Using sturdy shelving and racks for weights, dumbbells and kettlebells are all good ways to do this. Like iron weights and rubber flooring, this is another worthy investment.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Interior Decor

When setting up a home gym, everyone seems to consider weights and cardio equipment exclusively. But, things like motivational posters or something as simple as a whiteboard to plan a workout can make a big difference. For those with some extra cash, a TV can also be used to display workouts electronically and motivational videos.

These can all help you push yourself and allow you to plan your workouts for better results. So, when you’re setting up your CrossFit home gym, give some thought to the atmosphere you want. From there, you can use simple decoration to help you make a CrossFit home gym that makes you feel like a warrior.

Author: Richie Hedderman

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