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Johnnie Jackson: Raising The Dead

Train like one of the strongest bodybuilders of all time.

Johnnie Jackson: Raising The Dead

Johnnie Jackson is a true hybrid. Lots of guys claim to be bodybuilders and powerlifters, but no one’s had more success at the former while excelling at the latter than JJ. During his 12-year pro bodybuilding career, this 42-year-old Gulf War veteran has perpetually finished near the top. Meanwhile, pursuing his powerlifting “hobby,” he’s a human forklift. In a 2012 competition, he deadlifted 832 raw.

Fame and fortune have come via his physique, but Jackson maintains his love for moving major metal. His hybrid back workouts begin with low-rep deadlifts before higher-rep, growth- inducing sets for width and thickness. Thus, Jackson makes sure he’s always as strong as he looks.

Jackson’s Back Routine

Jackson's Back Routine

*Preceded by 2 warmup sets, the 2nd heavier than the 1st.

Power Bodybuildling Tip Sheet

Choose one power exercise per workout, such as deadlift, squat, or shoulder press.
Do that exercise first and focus on sets of 6 reps or fewer.
Like Jackson, try following low reps on a powerlift with high reps on the next exercise.
Keep the sets for other exercises mostly in the 8 to 12-rep range to best build muscle.

Jackson’s Career Highlights

3 Pro bodybuildling show wins
2009 World’s Strongest Bodybuilder
832 Pounds raw deadlift

Author: Greg Merritt


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