Total – Body Circuit Workout Routine

Get ripped and big with this Total – Body Circuit Workout Routine!

Total - Body Circuit Workout

Day One (Monday)

Workout #1

1    Leg Extension    15-20
2    Lying Leg Curl    15-20
3    Bench Press    15-20
4    Front Pulldown    15-20
5    Seated Dumbbell Press        15-20
6    Preacher Curl    15-20
7    Triceps Dumbbell Kickback    15-20
8    Abdominal Crunch    15-20

Day Two (Tuesday) Rest

Day Three (Wednesday)

Workout #2

1    Leg Press    15-20
2    Standing Leg Curl    15-20
3    Incline Bench Press    15-20
4    Behind the Neck Pulldown    15-20
5    Machine Shoulder Press    15-20
6    Standing Dumbbell Curl    15-20
7    Pressdown    15-20
8    Abdominal Crunch    15-20

Day Four (Thursday) Rest

Day Five (Friday)

Workout #3

1    Squat    15-20
2    Lying Leg Curl    15-20
3    Vertical Bench Press Machine    15-20
4    Seated Cable Row    15-20
5    Front Dumbbell Raise    15-20
6    Standing Cable Curl    15-20
7    High-Cable Triceps Extension    15-20
8    Abdominal Crunch    15-20

Days Six (Saturday) And Seven (Sunday) Rest

Training Notes

  • Train 3 times a week on alternate days, beginning with a 10 minute warm-up (five minutes on the bike or treadmill, followed by some brief stretches).
  • Work up to a 30 minute circuit routine, performing 15-20 reps at each station and then quickly moving on to the next. Repeat the circuit three times.
  • Beginners should stick with machines at first otherwise you’ll spend too much time locating and changing free weights and have an experienced gym staff member show you how to do each exercise correctly.
  • Rest 15-30 seconds between sets and rest about 60-90 seconds between circuits.
  • After the workout perform a 10 minute cool-down (gentle walking or cycling, followed by stretching).
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