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5 Ways To Take Your Weightlifting Routine To The Next Level

5 Ways To Take Your Weightlifting Routine To The Next Level

Do you feel that after an incredible initial boom you seem to have hit a roadblock? Is your progress slowing down or has it completely stopped? No matter how hard you work out, have your gains seem to plummet? There is nothing more frustrating for any weightlifter than this feeling. The good news is that subtle changes in your workout routine and your overall lifestyle can put you back on track and help you hit a whole new peak of fitness.

Improve your diet

When people feel that their weight lifting isn’t going anywhere, most will try new exercises, lift harder, and spend extra hours in the gym. They don’t realize that diet has a greater role in their progress as most experts agree that physical fitness is a 75% food–25% exercise affair.

Whether you want to get buff, ripped, lose weight, or have any other goals to change your body, diet program needs serious thinking. Some of the most popular diet programs include calorie restriction diet, bodybuilding diet, gluten-free diet, Paleo diet, and so on. While their effectiveness can vary from individual to individual, they can help you lose weight, build muscle, improve digestion, and increase nutrition absorption respectively. As mentioned earlier, however, each diet plan will work differently for different people and may need fine-tuning. The smartest way to get started would be consulting a nutrition expert and then experimenting with the diet until you start seeing the desired results.

Improve your workout routine

Once your muscles get used to the current routine, they’ll stop responding to it, or will at least experience a slower progress. It’s time to revamp. While doing little things such as working out different muscle groups, changing the angle, and doing different exercises can make a considerable difference, certain workouts can come in handy.


This is arguably the best method of inducing pre-fatigue into your routine workouts. This is done by doing two different exercises back to back with little to no rest in between. Typically, the two exercises work different muscle groups. Technically speaking, isolated exercises are performed for stronger muscles followed by compound exercises. This tires your stronger muscles, and when you work on your weaker muscles, both muscle groups are worked instead of your stronger muscles doing the most lifting.

People who want to take their routine to the next level will love supersets as they can result in hormonal as well as biological environment necessary for building muscles. A side benefit of a superset is that they let you do more exercises in a shorter time span.

Drop sets

This is one of the old and time tested method, favorite among many professional bodybuilders. Perform a set with normal weights, and just short of failure, drop the weight by around 30%, and continue the set until failure. Your muscles will be engaged like never before.

Cluster sets

This technique will let you do more reps with heavy weights, but with a longer rest period in between. Let’s suppose you are using weights that you can do eight reps with, do four reps, rack the weight, wait about 15 seconds, then do another four reps, re-rack the weight, weight another 15 seconds, perform four more reps. This way you’ll be able to do 12 reps for the same weight you’ll only be able to do 8. Weight slightly longer than normal between sets.

Other techniques

Some other modern techniques to increase muscle strength include rest-pause reps, density training, partial reps, giant sets and so on. All of these can be useful depending on your training style and goals.

One pro tip, always try to keep increasing the amount of weight you lift to keep your muscle getting bigger and stronger. However, people with joint issues should be careful with lifting heavier. Consider using weight-lifting gloves, wrist wraps, knee wraps or knee braces if you have had any problems in the past. If that rings a bell, here’s more information for you.

Hire a professional trainer

Professional trainers are expensive, and not everyone can afford them, but those who can, should consider it as they can turbocharge your workout in ways you might not even be able to imagine. From improving your angles to getting motivation for that extra last rep to doing better exercise to fine-tuning the workout routine for your particular needs, a personal trainer can bring everything you have been missing so far.

Start a journal

Have you ever found yourself at the gym without any plan? With our busy schedules and so many splits and workout routines available, deciding what to do on each day can be a sheer hassle. But if you’ve jotted everything down, you’ll know which exercise you need to do on a given day, how much weights did you lift last time you did an exercise and everything that matters for your workout. Taking notes will not only help you analyze your performance but will also help you in holding yourself accountable.

Take up a new sport or physical activity

To supplement a weightlifting regimen, consider taking up a new sport. Doing a different type of physical activity or competitive exercise can engage your body differently from your weight lifting regimen. Obstacle racing, running race, Mua Thai, boxing, and other intense sports that align with your goals can be an excellent way to reignite your workout.

Author: Joe Fleming

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