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Mixing Protein Powder With Water Or Milk?

Mixing Protein Powder With Water Or Milk?

There are two basic questions that should be asked by anyone who wants to start consuming protein shakes.

1. When is the best time to drink it

2. Is it better mixed with water or milk?

Athletes and bodybuilders who have used protein shakes claim that the results achieved against weight gain and muscle build were much better realised when they blended protein with milk.

So the question is what is the benefit of drinking protein shakes with milk rather than with any other liquid, including water?

Milk provides more protein

A normal protein shake is made up with a cup of milk blended with a scoop of protein powder.

A cup of milk contains 8 grams of protein and a scoop of protein powder contains 16 to 20 grams of protein meaning that one shake provides the body with a good dose of protein. So, for those seeking to gain weight and muscle mass, milk is surely the best option for their shake.

Boost your muscle recovery

Muscle recovery is one of the obvious reasons that drive athletes and bodybuilders to use protein shakes. Milk consists of a mixture of whey and casein protein. When this is blended with protein powder it boosts the body’s recovery better than any other liquid.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium and Vitamin D are both very important nutrients required to ensure the body stays healthy.

Milk is known as a great source of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium improves heart and muscle function as well as keeping bones strong and helps to prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin D aids the body in absorbing calcium.

Better Taste

No matter the flavour of the protein powder most consumers claim that the shake tastes better with milk. However, some powders don’t mix very well with milk meaning that water would be the best option to use due to its lower liquid density.

In conclusion, drinking protein shakes with milk has many benefits that can’t be found with any other liquid but the choice depends on the individual consumer.

Author: Tarak Turki

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