Guide To Buy The Best Boxing Shoes

Guide To Buy The Best Boxing Shoes

Boxing comes in the category of those sports which do not need too much of gears and accessories. But, some essential things like safety guards like gloves, mouth guards, groin guards, shoes, etc. need some special attention at the time of purchase. Today we will go through this amazing guide to buy boxing shoes for your beloved sport.

Below are the things you need to consider when buying boxing shoes.

Size and Fitting of Boxing Shoes

Finding the perfect boxing shoes which fits properly in your feet and provide enough support is extremely necessary. If you do not pay enough attention to it and buy a bad footgear, then it may cause some serious foot problems to you. Most of the boxing shoes fit in your feet like any other athletic shoes. Only some exceptions occur when it comes for the large sizes of 9, 10, 11, etc. You need to read the information about sizing carefully before ordering and if you are a woman boxer, then it is recommended that you order one to one and half size smaller pair than men’s.

High Top and Low Top

The traditional choices of boxing shoes lead to buying the high top ones. But with the time changes, the low top boxing shoes are becoming more and more popular. For the superior ankle support and competitiveness, the high top boxing shoes are a good choice. If you want a boxing shoes for occasional fights, shadow boxing, heavy workouts, and sparring, then the low top ones will be a good fit.

Material and Venting

To get a best footwork in the ring, choose the boxing shoes with a leather sole. To have a lightweight and heavy grip pair, choose the shows with a rubber sole. A good-quality boxing shoe will come with a good grip and will not affect your footwork. A mix of the leather, synthetic, and suede materials is used for the upper material of the boxing shoes. The mix of leather and nylon material will provide comfort and support in a lightweight and breathable design. If your feet get wet after workout or a match, then you need to reconsider your choice of the boxing shoes.

Decide whether it is for Boxing or Wrestling?

Today, many brands market wrestling shoes with the tag of boxing. There is no much difference between the boxing shoes and the wrestling shoes, but a detailed analyzation will give you a clear idea. A rubber sole wrapped up in the sides of the foot which provides the grip on the mat at different positions is the identity of a wrestling shoe. While a specialized boxing shoes will come with stiffer soles and less tread to allow you glide through with ease.


Boxing is an evergreen sport. It is as old as the fists are and as young as the latest exercise regimen is. Whether you want to become like your idol ‘Muhammad Ali’, or just want to get a perfect workout with cardio, boxing shoes will provide the perfect way to it.

When it comes to take a final verdict and when you ask if it’s really worth to buy a special boxing shoes pair for the training activities purpose? Then I will say if you are serious about boxing, want to learn the boxing tricks in the ring, or want to do boxing for the fitness purpose, the answer is YES. And this guide to buy boxing shoes will help you greatly.

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