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Women And Whey

Women And Whey

Although we have moved way beyond the point when femininity was not considered compatible with masculinity, and we see more and more beautifully toned women hitting the gym every day, the relationship between the fair sex and the world of lifting is still rather bumpy and full of misconceptions. One of them is the effect supplements have on women’s specific workout goals and the unique body needs. Whey, being one of the most used supplements, gets quite a lot of bad rep due to these beliefs.

What Makes Whey So Important

In order to find the truth about whey, we first have to understand what exactly whey is and how it became so popular. Essentially, whey is a byproduct left behind the cheese production whose composition consists of various vitamins, minerals and most importantly, proteins. Usually, whey workout supplements are taken to stimulate muscle growth, but they can also be used to help weight loss and replace proteins missing in your regular nutrition. Furthermore, whey can be useful in regulating blood sugar and strengthening the immune system.

Whey Misconceptions

Now that we know what whey is, let us see why women have doubts about it, and see whether they are logical conclusions or just fear-mongering.

  • Protein gives you masculine physique. Although protein is a crucial foundation for bulking up, the bulking up does not occur as a direct result of increased protein consumption. If anything, consuming whey can help you to retain a toned look by preserving your muscles if you are on a diet and your body receives less protein than usual.
  • Using protein as a dietary supplement can damage your kidneys. Consuming whey does cause your body to dehydrate faster, but unless you have some chronic kidney problem, you shouldn’t have a problem. You just need to consume enough water while on a whey diet, and you will not feel any adverse effects.
  • High-protein diet can cause bone loss. It is known that drinking plenty of milk is good for bones, so where does this popular myth come from? Well, your bone strength does not depend only on protein, but calcium as well. Therefore, potential bone loss you may suffer is not so much related to the increased amount of protein you are consuming, but the lack of calcium. Consuming protein can only help your body to absorb more calcium without causing any damage.

Things You Should Look Out For

Whey supplements should be consumed only if you are trying to build muscle, you are on a high-protein diet or your regular nutrition does not contain enough protein. In any other case, consuming whey could possibly lead to long-term weight gains. If you are pregnant, or going through a period of increased nutritional demands, a high-protein diet can cause vitamin A deficiency and result in dangerous health issues. Also, whey can have a negative effect on digestion during pregnancy, so if you are expecting a baby you should probably stick to just food with more diversified composition.

All things said, it should be obvious that, if consumed properly, and in line with your current workout goals and nutritional needs, whey can be of great assistance. And if whey supplements are what it takes for you to reach your ideal shape, and you are not in danger from consuming whey, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. Clearly it helps, and most of the things you hear about it are misconceptions anyways.

Author: Kate Flannery

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