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Four Common Female Bodybuilding Myths And Misconceptions Debunked

Four Common Female Bodybuilding Myths And Misconceptions Debunked

Bodybuilding is very much a male-orientated sport, and when we think of bodybuilding in general, we tend to think of men rather than women. In reality, however, female bodybuilding is very popular and has been extremely popular for a number of years now, decades in fact. Bodybuilding in general, has a lot of “grey areas” and there are a lot of common myths and misconceptions surrounding bodybuilding for all genders. For example, if somebody is more heavily muscled than average, most people’s go-to response is to accuse them of being on steroids. If they were to stop training for a while, people would say things like “all that muscle is going to turn into fat” etc., despite the fact that that is absolute nonsense.

There are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding bodybuilding in general, but female bodybuilding takes this to a whole different level altogether. To help clear things up, to educate, and to hopefully show the world that female bodybuilding is just as competitive and valued as male bodybuilding, here are four common female bodybuilding myths and misconceptions debunked once and for all.

Training heavy will make you look masculine

Ok, there’s no hiding the fact that there are SOME female bodybuilders that are using anabolic steroids and hormones, such as testosterone and clenbuterol (you might like to read about clenbuterol for women), which is the dominant male sexual hormone, in order to help them increase their muscle mass. Some of the side effects associated with using these drugs include: Hair growth, deepening of the voice, a more masculine looking jaw, the development of more masculine features. Because of this, people who don’t truly understand bodybuilding and the use of these drugs, think that if women lift weights and train like a man, that they will look like a man, but that is just nonsense.

The reason why SOME female bodybuilders look masculine is because of the drugs that they’re using, not the exercise that they’re performing. If you train heavy, like a bodybuilder, then eventually you will improve your lean muscle mass and look bigger, but that is all, you will most certainly NOT look any more masculine, unless you make the decision to use steroids, hormones, and other anabolic compounds.

If you train naturally, however, your body will look great, and you’ll still look just as hot, if not hotter, than you did before you picked up a set of dumbbells.

Muscle turns to fat after you stop training

Let’s face it, very few of us want to look fat, which is why many people exercise in the first place. One of the reasons why some women are put off from getting into female bodybuilding, and weight training in general, is because people that have no clue what they’re talking about, will say things like “muscle turns to fat when you stop training”. This basically means that some people think that the more muscular you are, the fatter you will become when/if you stop lifting weights. This is simply not true at all. Fat is fat, and muscle is muscle, and you cannot turn one into the other. If you stop training you may lose your muscle mass and definition, but you will get smaller and less defined, you certainly won’t get fatter.

If you eat junk and exercise less, you will become fatter, but the fat certainly won’t suddenly materialize in the place of your existing lean muscle mass, so if anybody tells you differently, kindly set them straight.

To get a “squat booty” you need to work your legs constantly

Squats are suddenly the “in” exercise, thanks to the fact that more people are catching on the fact that squatting can lead to a firmer, rounder, and shapelier booty. Whilst performing squats, and indeed training your legs, is beneficial for many reasons, not just for building your booty, you certainly don’t need to do them every day or train your legs several times per week, as that can actually be detrimental. If you train your legs too much, or perform squats too frequently, this could lead to overtraining which will cause you to plateau and not respond favourably to the training.

Instead, only work your legs once or twice per week, make sure you include squats on leg day, and that’s all that you need.

Eating too many meals per day will make you fat

Again, this is not true, but even so it still bothers a lot of women and potentially puts them off from getting into female bodybuilding. Rather than 3 meals per day, for optimal results it is best to consume 6 – 8 small and healthy meals per day (two of which can be protein shakes). This fuels the metabolism and keeps the muscles fueled and stocked up on muscle building nutrients. Eating 6 – 8 meals a day sounds a lot, but they’re only small meals and are therefore low in calories. Providing your meals are healthy and balanced and provided you track your calories and make sure you hot your daily macros, you won’t gain any fat in the slightest and will actually burn it, whilst building and maintaining lean muscle mass in the process.

Author Bio:
My Name is Reda El, fitness fanatic and entrepreneur, and also BJJ blue Belt, I’ve gathered both my experience and the information I’ve read throughout these years on my website.

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