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Do I Need Creatine In My Life?

Do I Need Creatine In My Life?

Whether you are trying to pump up your body, lose weight or just get a little bit fitter, you should accept all the help you can get. An experienced personal trainer, a piece of advice from a dietitian and a couple of bulletproof gym exercises that are sure to make you more buffed are just some of the things that provide help to a complete novice.

One of the things that can assist you the most are food supplements that make your body more prepared for a workout session and aid in a post-workout recovery process. Probably the most talked about substance is creatine, so here are a few facts about its use and effects.

What is creatine?

Essentially, creatine is an organic acid that has the task of supplying our body’s cells and muscles with a sufficient amount of energy. While many people are aware of this, rarely do they know that, due to this important task, creatine is naturally found in our body. Therefore, this is not a harmful substance, but something that has always been a part of all of us, from our birth. Besides affecting muscle fibers, creatine is also important for other parts of the body and has a great overall effect on one’s system.

Creatine Supplements

Because of its unique task, creatine is used to produce creatine-based supplements that assist people in achieving better sports results and make the most of their body’s potential. An energy-oriented trait of creatine acid is hence transferred into the world of sports and is used as a source of additional energy necessary for completing high-intensity programs.

What this supplement actually does is target certain proteins, hormones and steroids in our system and elevates their performance levels onto a new height. That is how our endocrine system – including creatine-affected items like myostatin, dihydrotestosterone, testosterone and IGF-I – gets enhanced and better prepared for physically-challenging workout sessions.

The Benefits

When you take an objective look at the perks of creatine, it is not hard to realize why it is considered to be one of the most successful and most popular gym supplements. It does not only enhance muscular energy by giving you more power for your workouts, but it also works towards treating muscle fibers so that they are not too damaged after especially intense trainings.

In order to get the finest results, it is best to take a creatine supplement before working out. It does not matter whether you choose a capsule or a power shake, take it about half an hour before starting your training so that its effects can kick into the highest gear during your time at the gym. Alternatively, you can start your session creatine-free and drink a shake in the middle of it in order to experience even better results.

Possible Consequences

Despite its obvious benefits, creatine supplements still have a slightly bad reputation due to several consequences they can produce. These possible side effects include unwanted weight, stomach-related problems such as diarrhea and gastrointestinal distress, retaining water and liver damage.

However, there are plenty success stories related to creatine and these myths have been discredited a long time ago. Therefore, you should not fear for your health when taking this supplement as it can only help you.

The Results

Every time you visit a gym, it is easy to notice those who support and those who oppose creatine simply because the former have more energy, display more strength and tend to be in a much better shape. Workouts that have been fueled by this supplement are more intense and, consequently, produce more visible results, which is why all gym enthusiasts need some creatine in their lives.

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