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Muscle Nutrition

Muscle Nutrition

Many may think that lifting weights is the most important factor in building muscle, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Without proper muscle nutrition, your muscles don’t have the proper fuel to build upon. To gain the maximum benefits, you must eat the right things and enough of the right things. To get started you must know the importance of macronutrients and how they affect you. So let’s take a look.


These are made up from different amino acids, which are the actual building blocks of the muscle tissue. They help with building, repairing, and ongoing maintenance. For maximum growth, 20 types of amino acids must be consumed. Actually, the body can produce 12 of these, but the 8 others are called essential amino acids and can only be obtained via food. It must be noted, that excessive amounts of protein will not mean more muscle, and there is a limit that you should not exceed. A large daily serving of fish, eggs or lean meat will be sufficient. Organic where possible.


These are the fuel to provide energy, and not just for building muscle, but to power the body throughout the day. Once again there is a limit that should not be exceeded as any carbs not used are stored as fat. Alternatively, if there are not enough carbs consumed in a day, there is a likelihood of your body entering a ketonic state, this is where protein is used for energy as there are no carbs in the system. This will actually lead to muscle loss.

A good rule is for every gram of protein you consume; you should consume double the number of carbs, whilst on a workout regime. Carbs come in two types, simple, which release energy quickly and complex which releases energy slowly. High glycemic index (GI), and low GI.


You may have been told, fats are bad? Actually, fats are essential to building muscle and help the body function as it should. It is their duty to act as an insulator to keep the body at the right temperature and protect the inner organs. Fats are also long-term deposits that are used to provide energy.

Fats come in two varieties,

Saturated, these are the bad ones and should be avoided when possible. Consume minimal of these. Processed meats, fat on meats, bacon rind are examples.

Unsaturated, these is the types that are stored for energy and help to build muscle. They are provided by most forms of food.

If you are considering building muscle to competition standards, there are many supplements that you can use, and these normally come in the form of shake powders.

If you are just concerned with general muscle nutrition, either being for overall health and fitness, or if you are wanting to counteract the effects of aging, it is best to get your nutrition from food.

There are many diets you can choose from that can be adapted to your circumstances, but for now, I will give you the best 10 foods for sustainable muscle nutrition.

Fish, bananas, colorful vegetables, avocados, broccoli, berries, olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and green tea.

By consuming these foods on a regular basis, and as part of the diet of your choice, this will ensure you will be getting all the nutrients your muscles and body needs to sustain training and recovery, long term.

Maria Banfield

Author Bio:

Maria Banfield is a guest blogger and fitness lover. She enjoys contributing to websites that help individuals to grow. She has been a writer for many top websites and loves researching topics. She currently writes for the leading website

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