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How to Structure Your Daily Meals

How to Structure Your Daily Meals

Eating whatever comes your way is quite fine for some people, but inexcusable for those who take their gym membership seriously. If you’re into working out, your daily diet has to be tailored in accordance with your training plan. So, depending on your long-term goals, adjust your meals and create new eating habits that will make your efforts even more visible. Here are a few tips that might help.

The Basics

The most important thing with this kind of structured meal plan is to stay consistent: having five meals a day means you have to eat at the same time every single day and still leave enough room for rest and workouts. Also, keep in mind the ingredients you have to include in your daily plan – food that’s rich in protein and antioxidants will give you energy, benefit your health and help you recover from exercising. On the other hand, stay away from carbs that could slow you down, which is something no gym enthusiast wants.


Breakfast is supposed to wake you up, give you energy and make you feel good. That’s why most people opt for healthy smoothies that are easy to make, full of healthy ingredients and assist in building muscles. Others, however, prefer something different and thus choose egg whites with pico de gallo, French toast or gluten-free protein waffles.

One of the best ingredients that all nutritionists recommend is granola, so try it with scrambled eggs or even frozen berries if you like crunchy meals full of starchy carbs.


Even though this is the biggest meal of the day, don’t eat too much for lunch, as it will make you sleepy and unwilling to hit the gym in the evening. Your lunch has to be low on carbs and high in protein and fibers that provide energy. Two of the most popular lunch choices are fish and lean chicken meat – both are highly nutritive, heathy and ensure you have enough energy for the rest of the day. Ultimately, these dishes help you lose some weight, which is always good.

If you’re tired of cooking and eating chicken every single day, try some new and exciting recipes that include vegetables, salads and tasty sauces. So, in addition to working out during your lunch break, have a tasty meal and enjoy the day.


Most people work out in the evening and often skip dinner. They think that this will help them lose weight, but this choice has serious consequences – from bad performance to a disruptive digestive tract. So, instead of skipping dinner, just eat something light. You can either pick something that’s quick to make, or focus on meals that help your body heal after an intense workout.

Some of the things you should try are brown rice, spinach salad, chicken sausages or even an omelet with cayenne pepper.


Between these three meals, find time for a morning and an afternoon snack. If you choose something nutritious and healthy, you’ll give your body more fuel for the workout or recovery from it. Therefore, stick to fruits, nuts, mixed cereals and energy bars in the morning, and get a dosage of your favorite workout supplements in the afternoon to prepare for an evening visit to the gym.

Your snacks should contain carbs and proteins, as well as vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Trying to Find a Balance

Late breakfasts, heavy lunches and skipped dinners will disrupt your daily balance and mess with your workout plan. So, try to eat moderately all through the day and you’ll not only be ready for a gym session, but also heal from it faster.

Author: Norah Martin

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