Flexible Dieting

Flexible Dieting

Eating your favourite foods in moderation is key to sustainable dieting. It will help you reach your long-term goals and keep off the fat. Turning to crash diets and bodybuilding supplements won’t yield the long-term results you desire.

Crash dieting never works in the long-term. It’s important to re-read the last sentence until it sinks in. Don’t expect yourself to crash diet on 1500 calories a day, 0 grams of carbohydrates and low fat and not rebound and potentially surpass your body fat percentage of that before the crash diet. It happens frequently, a change of mind set is needed and flexible dieting can aid you in your new quest for the perfect body.

Adding in your favourite foods in moderation will make you less grumpy, help you sustain the new lifestyle and will make you happier overall. Crash dieters or extreme dieters are always grumpy and feel they have to suffer to achieve the physique they desire. This is not the case and this route does not have to be taken.

Sustainable dieting also known as flexible dieting is simply being less strict with your diet. It means being flexible and not being so rigid that you miss out on family events, skip parties, don’t leave the house and not willing to compensate what so ever for your diet. This leads to a very sad life for most.

Lyle McDonald one of the most respected nutrition experts on the planet pins down the two main reasons dieters fail:

Being too absolute and expecting perfection.

Focusing only on the short-term.

Flexible dieting is hard to define but it’s the ability to have both long and short-term goals and being able to adjust to daily activities and events without compromising on them goals. Before you implement flexible dieting it’s an idea to track your macronutrients to know what your caloric maintenance is. If you know this, you know what target you need to hit to either lose weight, gain weight or remain the same. This will help with your food choices and how much calories you can consume.

You should eat foods in your diet that are wholesome, tasty and foods you enjoy. You also need to be able to re-adjust your meal plan. For example, if you have a set caloric target of 2000 to eat and you have a last minute call to go to a friends birthday you need to re-adjust. You know you will consume more calories at the birthday so you eat less in the morning and afternoon to compensate. This does not mean suffer, it just means being flexible and understanding you will be in a different environment and you’ll want to enjoy. You will still hit your caloric goals for the day and that means still losing weight and hitting your long-term goals.

A good idea is to look at protein snack alternatives too. What is your favourite food? Is there a lower calorie version of this? Can you make your own healthier version? If so, make it. Implement it into your diet and you will never feel like you’re dieting again. Bodybuilding warehouse sell a s’mores flavour whey protein which I add to my oats and microwave. It tastes just like a melted s’mores flavour bar, my cravings instantly gone and in return a good source of fibre and protein from the oats and whey protein.


Change your mindset and become more flexible. It’s essential to look at it like a lifestyle change and not a short-term fix. There is nothing worse than getting lean and not being able to sustain it. Gorging on all the food post summer and packing on all the fat you worked so hard to get rid of.

Follow people like Steve Cook, Christian Guzman, Jason Poston and many other top athletes who follow the flexible approach.

Author: Scott Flear

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