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Yoga + Strength Training = Winning Combination?

Yoga + Strength Training = Winning Combination?

Strength training and yoga are seemingly unrelated associations when musing on the world of fitness. Strength training is the tool of ripped gym beasts, while yoga attracts people seeking to become lean and flexible. However, under the veil of assumptions and prejudices, the truth lies buried like an ancient treasure: the two practices complement each other in the best way possible, and enable practitioners to take their physical and mental condition to the next level.

Form and substance

People looking to put on some muscle mass naturally chose strength training. It bestows you with a visually pleasing shape, and induces faster metabolism, aiding in your weight loss efforts. Yet, if you tend to gain weight fast, you have to turn to other forms of exercise. Yoga is more than fit for that task, toning your muscles and enhancing flexibility. Now this is a mutually beneficial relationship, as strength training empowers people to better perform yoga poses.

Furthermore, the explosive, repetitive motions of weightlifting are highly-effective at awakening your fast-twitch muscle fibers, hence the extra speed and power. On the other hand, yoga requires you do go through slow movements and poses. This activates slow-twitch fibers and builds endurance. Also, during yoga sessions, one spends a great deal of time in a top push-up position, which results in great scapular stability.

Sometimes, you even have to stay in a narrow-width variation of the pose, which puts a strain on your triceps, pecs and anterior delts. The hip and shoulder musculature has an important role to play as you stretch, while the therapeutic effect is felt as the spine becomes more flexible. Therefore, it is clear that combining yoga and strength training shows great promise in producing results.

A graceful strength

The progressive loading of weightlifting makes people psyched, even inclined to develop a sense of controlled aggression. Contrary to that, yoga is the epitome of being relaxed and calm, melting your stress like a desert sun does ice-cream. It puts you in that tranquil state where the mind is nourished. You can get through the day without needing another coffee, as yoga fills the void in your motivation and energy levels.

Consequently, it softens that sharp edge of weightlifters, and mitigates the urge to be over-competitive and overdo things. So, it is no wonder that gym shirts have been coupled with yoga mats, and relaxing music serves as a break from upbeat tunes. Another thing which yoga teaches you is how to really stretch and reap the maximum benefits of flexibility.

Strength training has some aces up its sleeve as well. It increases bone density and joint flexibility, allowing people to stay active and in good shape. To make the most of this workout, conduct both the full-body compound exercises and body weight exercises. This program should include dead lifts, squats, pull-ups, and dips, since this way one can avoid muscle imbalances, develop your body uniformly, and steer clear of injuries.

When it comes to yoga, most gurus would advise you to stick to the traditional, authentic style of Iyengar and Ashtanga. Of course, bear in mind that the training program will depend on your body type, timetable, ambitions, recovery time needed, etc. Always be prepared to experiment and adjust. Start with either discipline, and gradually implement the other into your routine. Listen to your body closely, and see how it reacts to the changes.

A win-win game

The emotional and psychological benefits of yoga are great weapons when forging a strong physique. But, that is not all there is to it. Yoga might not activate muscles the way strength training does, but it makes various body parts more stable and ready to endure the hardships. Hybrid training routines work different muscle fibers, free individuals of stress and depression, and allow individuals to get the best of both worlds.

Author: Norah Martin

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