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Working Out After A Break

Working Out After A Break

Going back to the gym is hard after taking a week or two off – but imagine how awful it must be after being absent for several months of recovery after a break! When you fracture a limb, you have to spend some time at the hospital, go to physical therapy and do a lot of exercises.

Only then can you even consider returning to the gym and getting back into your routine. In order to make this transition easier, there are several things that can help you prepare for the hard work that awaits you. But, beware – your body can suffer even more damage at the gym, so be patient, alert and careful.

Collect Your Thoughts

Even though a lot of people consider mental preparedness and physical strength to be two separate things, in this situation they are actually two pieces of the same whole. So, the first thing you need to do, even before entering the gym for the first time after an injury, is getting your mind on the right track. You must regain your thoughts before regaining your muscles and find your inner peace.

When it comes to mental preparation for the gym, a number of gym enthusiasts use visualization techniques and picture themselves working out before actually doing so. This is especially helpful to people who have suffered injuries as they can imagine their gym routine in a safe environment of their own home. This way, they will be ready once they start working out and benefit from this mental preparation the most.

Avoid Further Injuries

Once you start working out again, you will feel fragile, weak and sensitive, but do not let this scare you off. What you need to do is attack your fears and conquer them. However, you must be extra careful not to get injured all over again and thus prevent the healing process from developing naturally.

Unfortunately, there are tons of gym injuries and you can hurt basically any part of your body. In other words, you must pay attention to the entire body and, particularly, to the limb you have fractured. One of the best ways to avoid getting hurt again is using proper technique – be sure to ask a personal trainer or an experienced gym goer for help at least in the beginning – and not forcing your body to lift too much weight too quickly. Also, do not start training too often right away: take baby steps and be patient. Remember the pain you have endured and try to prevent it from happening again.

Proper Food Choices

While recovering, you have to eat food prescribed by your doctors. But, once you start feeling better, you can take control of your diet and make good food choices that will speed up your recovery process. Among some of the best recovery foods are fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins A and C, fish and nuts rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as protein-based choices – fish, meat, eggs, etc.

If you wish your fracture to heal permanently, you must pay special care to your bone structure. Therefore, you should include organic calcium supplements that will give you an extra push in the right direction, but do not forget foods and drinks full of calcium such as milk, oatmeal, oranges and salmon.

Set the Right Tempo

Probably the most important thing to remember is not to rush the healing process – even though some experts say that you should get on your feet and into the gym as soon as possible, this is not always good. Listen to your body and let it heal on its own: you will be able to work out more efficiently once you have recovered completely.

Author: Norah Martin

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