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Why You MUST See A Doctor Who Lifts

Why You MUST See A Doctor Who Lifts

We all know that saying: “Do as the doctor says”.
And for years we have been getting our health and fitness advice from Doctors?

You see, doctors do deserve their credibility from all those years of study and training. HOWEVER, they are trained to diagnose and treat!

You have a headache? BAM = POP A Pill

Also, I don’t know about you but doctors can sometimes destroy my motivation for training. Whenever I’ve been to see one of them and say: “Doctor it hurts in here”. You will NEVER hear these type of words coming from their mouth: “Don’t worry bro, keep lifting, just make sure to warm up, get your dynamic stretching in before and static post, get a weekly massage and you’re good to go.”

All you hear is: “You gotta stop doing that exercise, is not good for you. It is recommended to exercise 3-5 times per week and so if weight training is hurting your back, then try jogging or brisk walking….”

Hmm.. Honestly, saying that to a bodybuilder is like saying to an Italian, do not eat pasta because it’s not good for you.

Come on bro!

I remember the last doctor I saw kept going on about how bench pressing is so bad for you, and tried to convince me with 1000 reasons why you shouldn’t bench press. Hell, I bet he must be writing that article now.

What’s funny is that when you saw him, he was this dude in his late fifties, dressed in a white coat that covered his massive belly.

What’s even more hilarious is that he kept complaining about his back pain and how he had injured himself so many times.

Man, is this the type of guy I want to get my advice from?

Didn’t mom tell me to model success from those who have been there and done that before me?

Surely Kelly Starret wouldn’t tell me to just stop lifting and do brisk walking?

There’s a wealth of sources of information all over the place, and for us bodybuilders, we need to see someone who has “bro-empathy” and love for the iron as much as we do.

How many of us have had back injuries from deadlifting or hurt our knees from heavy squats? Plenty of us I’m sure.

Many of us take this as motivation to improve our technique and recovery exercises, which were probably zero when we got injured.

Most of us are anatomy-ignorant, and need that advice and guidance from someone? But Who? Doctors?

As Kelly Starret said, and I quote him again “it will be coaches and personal trainers who save our generation of sedentary people”. We are seeing a rising class of fitness coaches who are also PTs or chiropractors: Kelly and Jeff Cavaliere to name a few.

These guys not only do know their shit, have studied how the body functions and what not, but what’s more important they lift and love the iron as much as you and I do!

So who do you get your health and fitness advice from?

Author: Tony Days (Fitness writer and product reviewer)

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