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When The Gym Fights Back! Most Common Sports Injuries And How To Heal Fast

We all know that when you put your body through any physical activity or stress, that there is a chance you may end up injuring yourself. Contact sports are particularly brutal for this, as are extreme sports such as white water rafting or free running. In comparison, a session in the gym doesn’t seem anywhere near as fraught with potential danger – but this is where you could be wrong. You don’t need to take a huge hit or suffer a nasty fall just to be at risk of damaging yourself. The body can be fragile, and even something as simple as just bending the wrong way when picking up a weight can result in a serious and painful injury that could put you out of action for weeks. Here are some of the most common injuries regular gym goers face, along with information about how to avoid them and how to heal properly should one of them happen to you.

When The Gym Fights Back! Most Common Sports Injuries And How To Heal Fast


Back pain is something that affects a huge amount of people worldwide. In fact, lower back pain specifically is said to affect over 31 million Americans on an almost daily basis. If you have suffered from this before, you will know that you need to be extra careful in the gym, so you do not worsen your condition further. However, sometimes the gym itself can be a cause of acute back pain, usually related to poor posture or lifting something that is too heavy. If this has happened to you, make sure you rest immediately – any more workouts are only going to put further trauma on the afflicted muscle. When you are ready to work out again, make a point of strength-training your upper back to take some of the pressure of the lower section – this section is usually weaker anyway because of sitting at a computer all day in working hours.


Big fan of the chest press, shoulder press, and your trusty push ups? They are all great exercises, but they could be putting a lot of stress on your shoulders – and this could end up resulting in a torn rotator cuff. This is a particularly painful injury, and in some cases, rehabilitation is needed for around six months before the full range of motion has returned. If you think you have torn your rotator cuff, always visit a professional who will able to help you embark on a treatment plan that will get you back to normal as fast as possible.

When The Gym Fights Back! Most Common Sports Injuries And How To Heal Fast


Got an office job where you sit down all day? Commute to work rather than walk? These are common realities for many people world-over, and as a result, our generation’s knees are paying the price. Why? Well, they are simply not being used in a normal manner – and then we go to the gym after work and lift heavy weights with them. If you are experiencing knee pain at the gym, switch up your exercises a bit. Go for lunges instead of leg extensions and move down a weight class until you feel normal again.

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