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Top 6 Best And Worst Positions For Sleeping

Top 6 Best And Worst Positions For Sleeping

A good night’s sleep is one of your primary necessities. You might consider it as a downtime period that can be cut into either by staying up late or waking up early, but you’re wrong. The human body is a well-oiled machine that can successfully endure hours and hours of work and stress, provided it benefits from a good sleep.

Even the mind is affected by your sleep habits. While calm and productivity are connected to a well-established sleep period, stress and a constant feeling of exhaustion are caused by chaotic sleeping hours. Healthy brain function, emotional well-being, physical health and others all depend on sleeping.

The way in which you sleep, specifically the position, is also relevant. Some positions can benefit various parts of your body. Conversely, others can be damaging to your health. Here are the top 6 best and worst positions for sleeping.

The Best

1. Left side sleeping

Countering snoring, good for the spine and easy on the lower back, side sleeping presents advantages that make it the most popular sleeping position. Slightly curled and helped by a feather pillow, side sleeping represents a break for your spine from supporting your head.

Sleeping on the left side adds a number of benefits to an already beneficial sleeping position. It prevents heartburn by going along with gravity and keeping your acid into the stomach. It also counters snoring, boosts digestion, clears lymph fluid through the thoracic duct and can even improve brain health. Coupled with the best mattress for side sleepers, left side sleeping is greatly beneficial to your health.

2. The Starfish (back, arms and legs spread)

The “starfish” is a tricky sleeping position and it is most common after a period of exertion. While sleeping on the back is popular enough and offers a number of benefits in itself, this position improves it.

Aside from relaxing the spine and removing any stress that might be laid upon it, the “starfish” also does the same for your muscles. Spread out and relaxed, they are in no danger of numbness. Breathing is in no way impaired and the neck enjoys a similar degree of relaxation as the other parts of your body.

3. The Soldier (back, arms down around the body)

Unlike the “starfish” (on the back, arms under the pillow), the “soldier” is a perfectly neutral sleeping position. Your back is not facing any stress and, with the head properly elevated, acid reflux is kept at bay.

Having the arms stuck along your body means that you won’t incur any shoulder pain or arm numbness. Moreover, your back won’t be arched in any way. By not spending hours with your face pushed up against the pillow, you won’t be seeing any wrinkles show up either, all due to sleeping on your back. Placing a pillow under your knees may also improve this sleeping position when it comes to lower back pains.

Despite its benefits, back sleeping has one consistent downside – snoring. This can cause a lot of problems for couples. One example is musician Kevin Jonas, which reportedly snores so loudly that his wife has to sleep in the guest room sometimes.

Top 6 Best And Worst Positions For Sleeping

The Worst

4. Stomach sleeping

As far as pains go, sleeping on your stomach doesn’t help. While it can stop snoring, stomach sleeping can actually give you severe neck pain, especially if you do it without the support of a pillow. As you are required to turn the head and keep it raised to the height of the pillow, neck and back pains are almost certain to come.

Moreover, the curve in the spine will also lead to lower back pain, being especially dangerous for people with back issues such as scoliosis. As a result, sleeping on your stomach might be the worst position in which to spend your night. If you cannot make the switch to another position, use a thin pillow in order to reduce the height difference between your head and the rest of the body.

5. Fetal position

Also on the side but with the knees drawn up to the chest, the fetal position can be comforting. The downsides, however, are numerous and hard to contest. This position can lead to neck and back pain, laying stress on your spine and joints.

6. Right side sleeping on the arm

Combining bad elements from the other variations, this is the Frankenstein of sleeping positions. While the left side sleeping can be considered the best position to sleep in, its ugly brother was shown to enhance the amount of gastric reflux and heartburn.

You have probably done it sometime during the night without even realizing. Pushing away the pillow and covers and resting your head on the arm on one side feels natural, almost protective. However, it can quickly and painfully numb your arm and lead to prolonged shoulder pain. Affecting the muscles and nerves in the arm along with disrupting the digestive process and causing heartburn, right side sleeping on the arm can be considered the worst position for sleeping.

Choosing the best sleeping position for you is essential to a good night’s sleep, which in turn gives you the energy needed to be productive and relaxed the next day. Aside from rest, these positions also have health benefits that can make your life better on the long term.

Author: Alex Moore

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