Top 5 Supplements For Bodybuilders

Top 5 Supplements For Bodybuilders

The most important things for muscle growth are a good eating regime and a lot of hard work – a carefully planned diet and countless hours in the gym are required in order to show some results within several weeks. The first muscles you will notice appearing are your biceps and quadriceps, but others are sure to come soon. But, on the other side, some gym enthusiasts are not satisfied with the speed at which their muscles are being formed, how noticeable they are or, ultimately, the progress they are making.

What needs to be done in order to really pump up the muscles and reach your full potential, enhance your shape and pump your muscles even further, is to add some additional kick to your diet. There are many options available, but here are some of the best ones that deserve your attention.


Despite being known as a supplement that makes you less able to grow muscles, glutamine does the exact opposite. Since it slows down your muscles wearing out after trainings, it provides more strength and the ability to train more intensely, for longer periods of time. This way, it will boost your energy levels and enable you to pump up more exercises for muscle growth. In addition to that, glutamine also speeds up your metabolism which helps you burn more fat and be active through the day. About five grams of it should be taken in the morning, after workout and before sleep.


Probably the most popular in the bodybuilding community, creatine is, what many do not know, a completely natural and organic acid that gives energy to the body via every single cell. When talking about supplements, it is best used before and after the training session – take about five to ten grams at both times, and, within a couple of weeks, your muscle growth will be stimulated and you will feel less tired after intense workouts. Finally, you will look leaner and have more energy.

Whey Protein

As a milk protein and a by-product of cheese production, whey includes high levels of helpful ingredients that stimulate protein combination in the muscles, resulting in more volume in less time. Although it is generally used during the first post-training hour, many bodybuilders take it about thirty minutes before hitting the gym as well. Its effect is quite quick because blood is being pumped into the muscles, causing growth over a certain period of time.

Casein Protein

This is another well-know option that can be taken in a form of shakes at any time during the day, particularly because it is almost impossible to take enough of it through regular meals. Casein protein is slower than whey protein when it comes to digestion, but exactly this is its most important quality – it assists muscle growth and provides necessary nutrients, so more time is actually good. Its long-lastingness ensures enough amino acids are introduced into your system, so your muscles will be given more time to recover, rejuvenate and prepare for next day’s exercises.

Green Tea

Despite the fact that it looks too plain and simple to aid muscle grow, green tea will upgrade your workout progress. First of all, it helps people lose excessive fat, which is only the first step towards a more buffed body. With fewer kilograms, you will be more ready to focus on muscle growth, while green tea’s special combination of herbs and leaves will help you get more energy for the intense training sessions. You can drink it – preferably about eight cups a day – or take it as a food supplement in form of a pill, right before or after gym.

A Personal Choice

There are numerous ways to build muscle mass and numerous helpful products on the market, which is why it is important to be aware of what you are putting into your body. Knowing the positive and negative characteristics of supplements is vital when trying to find the right choice for yourself, avoid problems and eliminate injuries.

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