Top 5 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Should Try To Do Yoga

Top 5 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Should Try To Do Yoga

There is a huge misunderstanding in the mainstream society and the fitness community that yoga is only for old people, for women, and for new-age personalities. Because of this misconception, many athletes and bodybuilders haven’t realized their optimal level of performance.

Yoga can also be for bodybuilders, triathlon athletes, and CrossFit enthusiasts. This exercise of breathing and stretching complements with whatever type of activity an athlete is participating by strengthening the body.

Bodybuilding and yoga might not appear naturally as bedfellows. Bodybuilding is all about lifting heavy weights in the gym in the aim of attaining strength, while Yoga is about relaxing and being calm through a series of stretches and poses.

However, the two may be mutually incompatible to one another, which make them such an ideal partner and it’s the main reason that people who practice weightlifting and bodybuilding should include yoga into their routine. As the saying goes, opposite attracts.

Here are five reasons why bodybuilders should incorporate yoga into their training routine.

1. It enhances breathing

Some bodybuilders might think that they breathe just perfectly fine. However, they might find themselves challenged by how yoga asks them to have more focus on inhaling and exhaling, especially while attempting to hold various fierce poses.

As doing yoga gets more intense, the breathing also slows down instead of speeding up. Yoga teaches them to take in long and slow breaths when needed, which expands the lung capacity to let it take in a much greater amount of oxygen from lesser inhalations.

Most importantly, it trains the body to oxygenate itself more proficiently, which is also necessary for strength training, cardio activity, and muscle building.

2. Yoga improves balance

Top 5 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Should Try To Do Yoga

Yoga have different poses which help improve the balance within. It includes headstands, handstands, one-legged poses, arm balances, and many other severe challenges.

No matter how many bodyweight squats or push-ups a bodybuilder does, a yoga teacher can still find ways to make it expose their weaknesses. Yoga also encourages the body to move in unusual ways by consuming time in entirely familiar positions.

3. It boosts range of motion

Many bodybuilders might think that range of motion is just the same with flexibility, but the truth is, it’s entirely different. Most of them know that they have tight muscle groups, such as the glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and pecs.

However, they may not realize the limitations of their abilities to exercise through a full range of motion. The more they train their muscles through a limited range of the movement, the more restricted they become as a bodybuilder

4. Yoga minimizes the risk of injuries

Top 5 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Should Try To Do Yoga

Just like how supplements and vitamins are viewed as medicine by decreasing the possibility of illness, stretching can also be a preventive medicine for the body by making sure it stays flexible, stays mobile, and injury free.

The muscle tissues or fascia hardens overnight as it becomes cold and still. The hardening of the tissues can limit the movement and develop congestion in the body. Keeping the connective tissue flexible gives sufficient joint support and allows the rest of the body to function at its best.

Having a flexible body means that the long muscles are not prone to tearing, so bodybuilders have many chances to move without having back injuries while attempting a heavy lift.

5. Yoga helps to increase overall health

Top 5 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Should Try To Do Yoga

Most athletes and bodybuilders think that their activities are healthy which may be true. However, doing training all the time might cause tearing and wearing on the body, most especially if there’s no more space for various movement and quality rest.

Yoga doesn’t only help in making a person feel good after training, but it also provides more particular health advantages. More efficient breathing contributes to decrease blood pressure and lowers the stress possibility.

It is also known to be excellent in helping to prevent or lessen issues related to carpal tunnel, sciatica, or even rotator-cuff problems.


Many bodybuilders who are eager to get on with the tough stuff sometimes ignore Yoga. However, it is necessary to remember that being flexible provides many benefits to the human body. Yoga will provide and fill in the gaps of what is missing from the bodybuilding routine. The outcome will be better health and better performance in the gym.

Author’s Bio:
George Reese is a writer and blogger who resides in Sacramento, California. He is an amateur bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast. George loves to write about general health, self-improvement, men’s fitness, and muscle and body performance. And there is no single day that he doesn’t go to the gym.

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