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2016! 5 Tips To A Better New Year! – Written By Anthony Catanzaro

2016! 5 Tips To A Better New Year! – Written By Anthony Catanzaro

The New Year is once again upon us and many of you will be making your yearly resolutions once again. Many of your resolutions involve life itself as you wish to experience it. For many of you it’s a wish to live a happier more fulfilled life, to get healthier and in better shape to stop bad habits and learn to appreciate life.

Well never fear The Superman of Fitness is here with 5 tips on how to make 2016 your best year yet!

1: Health and Fitness:

When it comes to health and fitness it’s not just the body, it is the body mind and soul. Anybody can go down to their local health club and purchase a membership but that’s not enough to truly succeed you’re going to have to do it for the right reasons and you’re going to have to be consistent with not only the exercise part of it but the diet aspect as well. You need to realize that it’s not a resolution or a goal but rather a lifestyle. The reason why certain people are always fit and in shape is not because that’s their goal, it’s their lifestyle.

It’s been my lifestyle for the past 30 years and it will be for the rest of my life! So remember you’re not just doing it for your looks you’re doing it for your body mind and soul.

2: Relationships:

Everybody wants to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right. I think having that special person in your life is worth more than anything on the face of the earth for some people they have someone in their life but that person may not be the right one for them. I think the most important part of a relationship is the connection the two of you share; I’m not talking about the physical connection I’m talking about the emotional connection. I think the number one reason relationships die or never begin is because one or both of the individuals are not willing to have respect and compassion for one another.

Compassion is the essence of love and what good is being in a relationship without love. So in order to have a wonderful relationship or to meet that special someone you have to be willing to not only give love but to receive it.

2016! 5 Tips To A Better New Year! – Written By Anthony Catanzaro

3: Money:

They say money rules the world although some of that may be true it doesn’t rule the world, the sun will still come up and set without it, but for many it’s important to achieve financial gain. Well like I always said to make money you have to think money. The biggest financial people all wake up and go to bed with money on their mind their always looking for ways to invest it and ways to earn it. The greatest way to obtain more money in your life is to first believe you can obtain large amounts of it!

Set no limits when it comes to money. It’s a known fact that those who say it’s hard to get by will indeed have difficulty getting by because their blocking money from themselves instead of filling their thoughts with money and prosperity.

2016! 5 Tips To A Better New Year! – Written By Anthony Catanzaro

4: Career:

I’ve always said the best career is the one you find great love in. Follow your passion in life and go all out don’t let people or circumstances hold you back, follow your dreams and see them come to pass. When I was 8 years old I knew I would do something important with my life and be happy doing it. Well I’m happy to say I followed my passion and because of that I’ve never worked a day in my life my career is me! Find your passion and make it your career.

5: Happiness:

Here is the ultimate reward out of any resolution you will ever make regardless if it’s to get in shape, find your other half or make more money the end result is always why? Because it makes you happy! Well you don’t need to do anything to be happy and you certainly don’t have to wait for the new year to do so because happiness is a state of being, it doesn’t cost anything and it doesn’t take anything but just a change in one’s attitude. I find that the happiest people in life live very simple stress free lives.

There not chasing after anything in fact it chases them! You see when you’re in a positive happy state of mind you will attract more of that in form of feelings and real life experiences. Just be happy to be happy!

2016! 5 Tips To A Better New Year! – Written By Anthony Catanzaro

Well there you have it my 2016! 5 Tips for a Better New Year! Don’t forget to apply them not just for a better year, but for a better YOU!

I’m the Superman of Fitness until the next time Happy New Year and God Bless!

Author: Anthony Catanzaro

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