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Tips For Running With The Bad Knees

You want to improve your health but do not know where to start. Don’t worry. Despite bad knees, you can improve effectively your general health by doing appropriate exercises. One of the most popular types of exercises is running. Because running belongs to high-impact workouts, it requires the right techniques and precautions. There are a great number of protective gears for you to choose from while running, which vary into different categories. Our article today would like to introduce the best methods for running with the bad knees. Keep on reading and feel confident to start your workouts from now on.

1. Wear Appropriate Knee Sleeves

First and foremost, you had better wear the right knee sleeves for maximizing your knee protection. It is quite overwhelmed to decide your best ones among a variety of options. Knee sleeves come in different sizes, colors, materials, brands, etc…To find out the appropriate tool; you should read carefully the best knee sleeves review on

Tips For Running With The Bad Knees

2. Choose the Soft Surface

It is advisable for you to run on the soft surfaces rather than the hard ones such as concrete. This is because doing exercises on hard surfaces will put a strong pressure on your joints and muscles. One of the most effective ways to avoid this problem is running on the soft places. Several soft surfaces include dirt, grass, and wood, which are ideal for running with bad knees. These types of surfaces perform effectively in reducing the pressure on your knees. This reason explains why many schools and colleges often use grass or wood surfaces in their gymnastics. However, keep in mind that the surface for running should be firm enough for protecting you from slipping.

Tips For Running With The Bad Knees

3. Buy High-quality Running Shoes

Right running shoes play an important role in supporting your knees, especially when your knees are in bad condition. It requires you to invest in a good pair of running shoes for reaching the better performance and resistance. Each runner has the specific type of foot. Pick up the most suitable pairs for your foot type from available running stores. In case you are not sure about your foot traits, ask the opinions from shoe sellers. The best running shoes must fit you well for more comfort. Luckily, most of the running shoes nowadays equip the thick cushioning for supporting your foot. The particular shoes for running can last 6 months, parallel 300 or 500 miles of use. As a result, you should replace your old running shoes after this period.

Tips For Running With The Bad Knees

4. Correct The Form

Having the right form contributes significantly to your running ability. It comes completely true when you have hurt your knees. The incorrect form is the main reason causing to worse knee condition and increasing the discomfort. Therefore, remember to keep your knees lean forward while running. This helps provide the natural cushion to your knees. It is better for you to stand by the heel to toe position rather than landing by your flat foot. Feel confident to run a long distance without any discomfort.

In addition, stretching your legs properly is another important requirement. It is a good way to help you warm up successfully. Quick stretches enhance the flexibility of your knees in an effective way. This exercise is essential in recovering your bad knees. The ideal time for stretching is between 10 and 15 seconds. Minimizing the stress on your knees is unchallengeable by stretching different parts such as hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. It not only helps your joints flexible but also reduces the pressure on your muscles and joints. Don’t worry if you have tight muscles. Proper stretching techniques will help you solve this issue well.

5. Have Enough Break

When it comes to running longer, your knees may get more pressure. Then, it requires you to have enough breaks during the whole race. Divide your whole race into different runs for resting between them. This ensures that you can get appropriate time for running as well as improving your cardiovascular workout. For instance, if the total time for running is 60 minutes, you could divide it into 15-minute or 20-minute runs. This helps lengthen the time for relaxing.

Tips For Running With The Bad Knees

6. Other Recommendations

Take several important tips in your account when you have bad knees. These methods help bring the great recovery to your health in general and your knees in particular.

  • Ice: Some ice packs or wet towels will be supportive in reducing the hurt on your knees. To prevent swelling, you should take ibuprofen or aspirin after running. Remember to take these drugs with food for more health safety.
  • Ice baths: Ice baths are not only helpful for your knees but also your total body. A question raised in our mind is what makes this therapy become so effective? The answer comes from the special ability of ice baths in constricting blood vessels. There is no difficulty in doing this job. All you need to do is drinking a cup of hot cocoa in the ice bath within 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Nutrition Plan: One fact is that a good nutrition plan puts a strong impact on your knee condition. In order to get the best nutrition, you should eat enough vegetables, fruits as well as fats. You can have the abundant source of Omega 3 from salmon, tuna, cod, etc…
  • Glucosamine: Think of glucosamine if you want to improve your muscles and joints. This type of supplement is very effective in bringing the fast result to your health; however, it requires as lightly high cost.

In a nutshell, there are a variety of ways to help you run with your bad knees. Each runner needs the specific requirement for caring his/her body. Your responsibility is selecting the best ways for your foot type and your knee condition. Keep in mind that running with the right techniques will bring ultimate benefits to you. Moreover, avoid overdoing exercises to protect your general health.


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