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Thrusting Past Fitness Breaking Point Revealed!

Thrusting Past Fitness Breaking Point Revealed!

We have all had our moments where we just hit the dreaded wall. Like everything, our mind and body has its limits as well.

There can be numerous reasons for such a time but the most basic of them all is the fact that our bodies are designed to prevent us from doing any large scale permanent damage to ourselves. As soon as we hit the ‘system overload/overheat’ point, we begin gasping, trying to catch our breath, feeling a little shaky in the legs among other things.

Experts have revealed that these protective mechanisms including pain are our body’s way of telling us to slow down a bit, catch our breath and utilize the remaining energy to its maximum potential.

The way our mind and body work together is simply amazing. When we are reaching the ‘overheat’ point, our brain kicks in the idea to slow us down via various methods because the ultimate goal of any organ would be survival, and the brain tells our body to conserve the remaining energy in case we might need to use it for an emergency.

Nature has gifted us these reflexes for good reason but it does not necessarily mean that we cannot try and push our limits further. Not only will that help us break the barriers set by our body but also boost a whole lot of self-confidence.

Here are a few ways that we can push our limits and prepare our body for bigger challenges.

Focus on what you want to achieve

We have discussed how our body tells that we have reached our max but the role can be reversed as well. With sheer focus and will power to achieve the previously unachievable, a lot can be changed. Staying in focus during workouts requires a lot of practice but once achieved, can break your body’s previously set barriers.

Visualize and Imagine!

That’s right! Visualize! Imagine! Imagine a scenario you are most comfortable with. Something to set your focus right. Something to keep you calm. Once we are about to reach our maximum potential, we tend to panic in search of extra resources in terms of energy to keep going. The idea is simple. When that happens, visualize whatever makes you calm. Be it an underwater aquarium experience, or a soaring peak in the Alps. Imagine your destination and calm yourself down and get rid of any jitters or panic attacks.

This technique is and has been followed by athletes, performing artists and people from all walks of life.

Create checkpoints!

It is as simple as it sounds. Create short term and realistic checkpoints while working out. It can be as simple as ‘jog till the end of the block’ or ‘continue pull-ups for the next two and a half minutes’.

To focus on doing a little bit more and setting short term goals is simply creating moments of fulfillment and boosting your self-confidence while on the go.

The eventual goal will obviously always be to cross the finish line but creating checkpoints like this will keep you focused and challenged while making the eventual finish line an ultimate bar of satisfaction for you to achieve hence; enhancing the incentive to simply do more.

Just a little nudge

Setting a personal record and then beating it might not exactly imply the usage of your body’s maximum potential. The right question then is; how will I know that I have reached my maximum potential?

A popular notion suggests that once a person reaches a maximum potential performance, the body just gives up and shuts down.

One of the tricks to increase your stamina and fitness is to reach out a little further every time you are working out.

Setting small goals in the beginning and then eventually capitalizing on them as a set. Simply start by adding half a block a day for a few days to your routine run and then a full block till you actually max out.

You can obviously apply the same to any of your workout routines and challenge yourself while making the most out of your body’s potential.

With increasing stamina and fitness, life comes full circle.

Author: Alisa Ewert

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