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Three Ways You Can Dance Your Way To A Better Physique

Three Ways You Can Dance Your Way To A Better Physique

If you’re looking for a fun way to get in shape, you can’t go wrong with a dance class! With music playing and a lively and upbeat atmosphere, it will hardly feel like exercise at all. It’s another element you can add to your workout regime which is a bit more lighthearted; you can even go with friends of all different fitness levels as many are suited to everyone. There are a few different dance workout classes and routines out there you can try, here are three that are worth a look.


Arguably the most popular dance workout, Zumba is an aerobic fitness program which is inspired by Latin American dancing. With upbeat Latin dance music and unique actions and moves, it’s a fun way to get your body moving and your heartrate up. You could burn calories with Zumba workout classes, buy a DVD to follow along to at home- you can even get Zumba for the Wii Fit and Xbox Kinect. This turns the exercise into a game, allowing you to score points when you move your body in the correct way and stay in time to the music. Whether you’re a total beginner or already super fit, it’s something you could add to your routine.


Clubbercise is a throwback to your party days! These simple, fun dance routines are performed to nineties dance music, complete with lights and even glow sticks. There are both high and low impact options available, so perfect whether you’re a total beginner or already a fitness buff. Essentially you get a night out dancing and having fun, but without any annoying drunk people falling about the place! If you enjoy the class and have a great level of fitness, there’s plenty of opportunity to become an instructor. These classes are fast growing and in high demand, so it could become an extra fun job on the side.


The creator of the famous Insanity workout, Shaun T, has released a dance workout called ‘Cize’. These are professionally choreographed workouts and claim that your fitness will be boosted within four weeks of using them. The other two types of dance can be attended as classes, whereas Cize is done at home following a DVD. However with the success of Insanity, even for people who are already very fit, this could be well worth a look. It’s not one for beginners, but if you already have a good level of fitness it’s a fun way to challenge yourself. Plus it means you’re doing something that’s a bit different than going to the gym.

So if you’re looking to add something a little different to your regime in 2017, or maybe you’re looking for an exercise you can do with friends something like this could be ideal.

Do you currently dance to improve your fitness?

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