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Reasons For Men To Try YOGA

Reasons For Men To Try YOGA

Are you bored of your routine weight training and cardio exercises and looking out for something new that will keep you in good shape? Then we would suggest you an age old formula – yoga. You may wonder why? But, if you are a fitness enthusiast, then you must give it a try without questioning. Continue to read further as here we have attempted to convince you with practicing yoga because of its many ‘manly’ benefits.

  • Relieve pain and injury with yoga practice: most of the weight training exercises often lead to injuries and pain in the back, joints and knees. The controlled and aligned movements with constant intake of power giving life force (oxygen) alleviate every injury and pain in your body. Various poses like Tadasana or tree pose, Eka-pada-rajakapotasana or the pigeon pose, Balasana or child’s pose are some of the simplest and best poses for reducing body pains and healing injuries while preparing you for any kind of tough endurance. One thing you must remember is that whenever you start practicing yoga, you will never be pushed to do things beyond your comfort level. Start with basics, which is simple and easy to do. Once you are prepared, you can start practicing more challenging yoga poses without worrying about pains and injuries.
  • Get a flexible and strong body with yoga practice: if you think that you have to be flexible enough to start with yoga, then you are wrong. Flexibility is not one of the prerequisites required to do yoga, but flexibility is a factor induced in your body, once you start doing yoga regularly. Trikonasana or triangle pose, Agnistambhasana or double pigeon pose, Setu bandha-sarvangasa or bridge pose are a few yoga poses or yogasanas perfect for beginners who are looking to achieve more flexibility from head to toe. Practicing these yoga poses in a routine will open and strengthen your body efficiently making you feel light and more flexible every day.
  • Revamp your sleeping habits with yoga practice: a better sleep at night can keep many illnesses away from your body and is therefore a must. There are many of you suffering with restlessness and insomnia that can affect your overall health. Well, yoga can help you get rid of your sleep related problems. By practising simple yoga poses like Janu Sirsasana or head-to-knee pose, Baddha Konasana or bound angle pose, Upavistha Konasana or wide-angle seated forward bend just before going to bed, you will not only beat insomnia, but also relax and sooth your body and mind. All such yoga poses will help you to get up fresh and relaxed and ready to face everyday challenges with a calm mind.
  • Live a stress-free life with yoga practice: while working out at your workplace or at home or at the gym, you might often feel stressed and disturbed especially when you are unable to achieve the desired targets. And stress as we know, is the main cause of many problems like stroke, heart attack and brain haemorrhage among men. Therefore it is always better to stay away from stress in the first place and yoga will help you to do exactly that. Pranayam or controlled deep breathing exercises, is the most effective way to completely eliminate stress from your body and mind. Along with that you can practice Shavasana or the corpse pose which is the easiest and most effective when it comes to relieving stress and the Shirsana or the headstand, which is considered to be the toughest of all, but once efficiently done it can cure your body, mind and spirit altogether, relieving stress and keeping you at peace. Moreover, practising challenging yoga postures on a regular basis not only makes you strong physically, but also mentally so that you are ready to face the tough challenges in the battlefield of life.

Reasons For Men To Try YOGA

Practicing yoga on a routine basis will provide with you with these and numerous other physical and mental health benefits. It will also make you look and feel young and you will also be able to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will improve the quality as well as quantity of your life.

Nick Wilson is a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast at heart, loves to spend his time with family, friends and enjoy sharing tips and advises online. Recently he is working for Health Care mainly covers topics related to workout, fitness and health. He blogs at where you can find information about best bodybuilding supplements for men.

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