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Phil Heath On Using Technology To Improve Bodybuilding

Phil Heath On Using Technology To Improve Bodybuilding

For 6 Time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, the key elements for bigger muscles and a better body is consistency and technology. Back in 2015, he sat down with to discuss the role technology is playing in modern, 21st century bodybuilding. In it, he was able to showcase how positive technology can be in this arena. Indeed, there is a lot more to this than determining new chemical products. Technology has the ability to help people understand their bodies better, build better regimens, and crucially, smarter training machines.

Smart Machines for the Right Body

The first area Phil highlights is innovative gym equipment. It is now possible to buy machines which can identify and target specific muscles during workouts. This allows for a far more diverse range of work out methods and styles than previously available. On standard machines it was possible to only hit specific muscles or groups of muscles by using compound movements. Modern machines have made it possible for him to sculpt an award winning body one muscle at a time.

Big Data for Bigger Muscles

If you look over cloud computing, modern analytics, and the Internet of Things you will see huge amounts of data being generated. This is not just sales data, but usage, types of usage, when something is used, how, and so on. The same is true in the fitness and bodybuilding industries. It is now possible to gain additional information from the machines mentioned above, but also from wearable tech including distance, speed, heart rates, and calories consumed. However, metrics and wearable tech, and the numerous related apps will not make someone fitter or build muscle, it’s just there as an aid only.

Where big data has really helped is understanding the individual. As the New Scientist has reported, before and after biopsies of people working on specific muscle groups have proven that lifting 30% of capacity for as long as possible until fatigued, is actually better for building muscle mass than lifting as much as physically possible in one effort.

For Phil, data allows him to know how his body is reacting and what it needs specifically in terms of foods and supplements.

The Tech Future of Bodybuilding

In the future, technology will only get more important to the professional and to the amateur bodybuilder. It may move on from just training assistance to informing judges. Phil believes 3D body scanning for example might be used by judges to assess body composition and measurements precisely rather than relying on a good eye. Technology will be more than capable of working out elements such as proportion, conditioning, and symmetry. Naturally, these metrics will not be everything – a large portion will remain with personality and posing.

Author: Jess Walter

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