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Never Miss Your Workout Again

Never Miss Your Workout Again

Sticking to your workout routine can sometimes seem impossible. Next to all other aspects of your life that include your job, friends, family, travelling, and hobbies, it can be very difficult to balance everything and eventually manage to work out a few times a week. When life gets hectic, even the simplest things can become a challenge.

If you’re missing more workouts that you would like to admit, it is important to recognize the symptoms that cause this. There are two types of situations that cause people to miss their workouts: unplanned situations and excuse zones.

The first type of situation is beyond our control, so they don’t affect people mentally the same way as excuses do. They don’t make us feel anxious or guilty, and we just seize the next exercise opportunity without any qualms.

The latter kind of situation relates to falling into so-called “excuse zones” – a trap into which you fall and the excuses win. Problems begin to emerge, and if you don’t recognize the situation, they will begin to win more and more until you completely abandon your workout regime.

How to Stop Making Excuses

Make it a part of your life. Working out shouldn’t be something you do, but an integral part of your life. Get up out of bed in the morning and make a plan to ensure you’re making time for at least a half-an-hour workout. Get up earlier or go to bed a bit later, depending whether you find it better to work out in the morning or during the evening. It may be difficult in the beginning, but if you find your best time to exercise and manage to stay on track, you’ll get used to your new daily routine.

Why do you work out? If you feel demotivated, remember the reason why you started working out in the first place. If the reasons are strong enough, they will beat every excuse out there. Otherwise, you should reassess your motives to make sure they’ll push you that next time you feel like staying home instead of hitting the gym or the road.

Just do it. Hmm, perhaps there’s something more to Nike’s slogan than a memorable catchphrase of a powerful sports brand. Even if you feel too tired and just don’t feel like working out, get up and get 5-10 minutes into your day. If you don’t feel it, then rest is probably what you need.

Envision yourself working out. Close your eyes, envision your routine, and go through it mentally. Make sure you think about every detail, from the exercises you perform to the color of your wristband. This is a useful mental preparation that can actually help your mind to get in gear.

More Tricks for Not Skipping a Workout

Don’t focus on results, focus on behaviors. People tend to focus on desired results, which can often hinder their progress and decrease motivation. Instead of thinking how you want to add 10 pounds of muscle, just think about eating those additional 500 calories each day. This will indirectly influence your goals, while giving you more control over your behaviors. This means dividing the process into a set of daily, easily attainable goals. Also, tracking your progress with a good body tracker app can improve your motivation for exercise.

Find an accountability partner. This partner of yours should be a friend who’s passionate about fitness. Exercise together and push each other to stay motivated and consistent, and whenever you’ll wish to skip a training, you’ll have to answer to your partner, not just yourself. The other way to do it is to join a meetup or a fitness group, which can make your time in the gym more fun and efficient.

Set attainable goals. People get overwhelmed when they set unrealistic goals. Instead, try to commit to less – fewer workouts per week (1-2 sessions to start with), and never skip them. It will be much easier to perform them, as well as a few sessions more when you have the time, than not to exercise at all.

Sometimes we don’t feel like working out because we truly need a break from it. However, we believe that we must do it due to the mindset we have created for ourselves. If you notice that you can’t make yourself go to the gym, even if you’re getting enough sleep and have the right diet, just take a week or two off training. During that time, reassess your goals, find ways to improve your training routine, diet, or your lifestyle in general.

Author: Norah Martin

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