Mistakes Rookie Gym Goers Make

Mistakes Rookie Gym Goers Make

Rookie gym goers usually get overwhelmed by all the machines, weights and different gadgets when they first start attending. However, there are many mistakes that newbies make that can discourage them from continuing with their gym exercise routines.

Instead of learning from their mistakes, people give up, because some of these mistakes are not obvious at all. Read on to learn if you are inadvertently making any of them.

Cardio Before Weight Training

Glycogen is what your body needs for energy during weight training. Until glycogen (blood sugar) is depleted, your body cannot burn fat. If you are doing your cardio before weight training, switch that routine immediately.

Start with strength training, which will lower your glycogen levels, and then do cardio in order to burn that fat off.

Using One Area Of The Gym

For igniting metabolism and seeing the results of your workout, you have to switch up your workouts. Using only one area of the gym and limiting yourself to only a few exercises is not a good idea.

The core of your workout program should be resistance training, with cardio as an excellent addition.

Walking Around With Weights

Try to keep your strength training and cardio separate. Otherwise, walking around with hand weights can cause stress fractures by stressing the ankles, shins and quads when you lean forward.

It might seem like a good way to add strength training to cardio, but think twice.

Using Maladjusted Machines

Weight machines should be adjusted to fit in order to avoid injury and get results. When machines are not properly adjusted, you do not work your muscles through the entire range of motion.

Ask a gym trainer or someone more experienced to show you how to set them properly to fit to your physique.

Proper Gym Wear

If you wear your running shoes in the gym, the rubber in them compresses when you lift, throwing off your balance. You should make sure to search for good shoe models that are specifically designed for lifting, such as the Ryder shoe brand which offers a wide range of sporting shoes.

Lifting shoes, with their solid-wood soles, provide a steady platform for lifting weights. Newbies make this mistake often and risk hurting themselves and other gym goers.

Mistakes Rookie Gym Goers Make

Skipping Warm-Up

Warm up exercises are needed for increasing blood flow and oxygen levels in order for them to reach your muscles. Take 10-15 minutes before the full motion exercises to go through all your workout motions at an easy pace. It will raise your body temperature, and reduce the risk of raising your heart rate too fast and of various possible injuries.

If you plan to lift weights, you risk torn muscles, so spend a couple of minutes on the exercise bike, treadmill or walking in place.

Cooling Down

After a proper workout, you must take time to cool down. Inexperienced people make a sudden stop at the end of a workout, but that increases risks of muscle soreness. When you reach the end of your training, take 10 minutes of exercising at a slower pace in order to let your heart rate come down.

Not Having A Workout Plan

This does not only concern your workouts, but everything else in life – always have a plan of what you are about to do. Keep a journal and write everything down in it, like what muscle groups you will train on what day, a cardio schedule, and details of your training results.

Do not go to the gym and simply do whatever you want, because you will fall short on results. If you have no one to help you with creating a workout program, search for one online.

Starting A Workout Tired

If you feel tired before a workout, it is best to delay it for later or even skip a day, because you will not see the results and be able to max out your abilities. Hit the gym when you are most awake, so if it is early in the morning, at noon or in the evening – make room in your schedule for an hour of training.

Keep these mistakes from derailing your fitness program. If you are training and not getting much results, you are perhaps not doing something properly, whether it is related to your exercising technique, technical training aspects (gym machines), or proper nutrition.

Author: Norah Martin

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