Increasing Your Strength Positively Affects Your Study

Increasing Your Strength Positively Affects Your Study

As a private tutor in sports, academics and nutrition, it has often been debated how exercise can affect mental performance. It may be a surprise to find, that any form of exercise can help the brain; not only in function and performance but also in maintenance. This happens in more than one way: from memory recall, strength of focus and healing for cellular repair. In fact, exercise helps with it all. Here are some of the reasons of how and why it happens, just think of them as a private tuition session for now.

Blood Flow and Glucose

Any exercise that gets the blood flowing at a high rate will increase the blood flow around the body and around the brain. So, as the blood is highly oxygenated and full of glucose, the brain cells that are in direct contact with them are exposed to the glucose. The more this occurs, the better they can perform. While all these brain cells are being nourished, there will also be many more new cells being generated at the same time.

Recent studies have shown, when strength training is undertaken at a minimum of twice per week, the speed at which gray matter in the brain is lost, can be reduced. Oxygenation is key for study performance. Brain nourishment will help your learning very much.


With the increased movement of the muscles, there are more hormones released, and once these reach the brain, they are mixed together with BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). It is this combination that helps with brain cell growth, and the improved learning ability, including decision making and the overall mood, which becomes positively uplifted too. It is like having a small, private tutor inside the brain, constantly checking on all the work that is being done and making sure it is up to standard. The best form of exercise to stimulate the release of BDNF is cardio type exercises, rather than strength building alone, although it is recommended to have a mix of both in the workout routine. Looking after the brain is important during study.

Reduce Stress

Studying, teaching, or finding the need to pay for private tuition. Sometimes, this can seem a little intimidating and stressful, but this is where exercise can come to the rescue. One of the major benefits of exercise is the ability to relieve physical and mental stress. While exercising, there is an increase of chemicals being released that can help moderate the effects of stress and improve the overall outlook on life. Also, the effects of this exercise can last for up to 12 hours. Not only is stress reduced by the endorphins which have been released, but the brain focuses on the body movements.

So, the focus is steered away from any of the thoughts that the stress was originating from, and this can help focus on a single task without any distractions. Stress can impede learning so this is a highly beneficial way to reduce stress levels, long term.

Be Happy

The more effort that is put into exercise the greater the benefit, it may seem like a contradiction but the harder the work, the more endorphins are released, these are the chemicals which create an overall feeling of happiness, they have such an effect, doctors have recommended patients with mild depression or anxiety visit the gym. With regular exercise the chemical tryptophan is produced, this amino acid is what is used to produce serotonin, and this has a direct influence on the mood, with any exercise that requires a lot of motion increases the rate that serotonin is released to the brain. So, in effect, the faster you move the happier you will feel. When you feel happy, there is more chance of feeling success in all areas of your life, including study.


Regular exercise can increase the areas of the brain that control memory and thinking, Although the exercise could be as simple as walking, it may be a better option to go swimming, playing tennis etc. Tests have also shown, for optimum memory recall, exercise should be delayed for four hours after studying, as this is shown to give a much better memory recall than is exercising just after studying or before studying.

If training and exercising feels a bit alien, ask friends or family if they can be a private tutor until the required skills have been learned, or if the gym appeals, ask an instructor about having private tuition. They can also advise the best exercises that will raise the heart level and give maximum benefits to the brain function.

Similarly, if you were a student, you would seek help if you needed help in certain subjects. You can do this for exercise too. Actually, a private tuition in all areas can help you to pass in learning and in health.

Nat Lind

Author Bio:

Nat Lind is a home tutor specializing in a wide range of academic areas, including general core subjects, health and natural nutrition. She is currently guest blogging for who help students with their studies in Singapore. She hopes to give insight to lots of individuals in many areas of educational topics.

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