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How To Stop Overdoing Cardio When Trying To Lose Weight

How To Stop Overdoing Cardio When Trying To Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight, most people automatically turn to cardio, and can often get bored quite soon. Cardio is either your cup of tea, or isn’t – there are people who love to run hours on end, and there are those who find it extremely uneventful and would rather be put to torture then made to jogg.

Whichever group you belong to, the truth is that you should devote a little less time to the treadmill and a bit more to an alternate way of exercising. Cardio exercises aim to boost, like the name suggests, your cardiovascular health, and you should by no means cut them out of your routine. However, they are not exactly designed for weight loss. All I am saying is they should not be your sole endeavor on the path to weight loss.

Will cardio help or hinder your progress?

In general, cardio is a great start to an exercise routine – it will also help shed those initial pounds, especially if combined with a proper nutritional effort, leading to a healthy caloric deficit. However, if you start overdoing it, you may end up losing muscle mass instead of belly fat. If you are on the path to shedding pounds – try incorporating strength training to your already existent cardio time. It will burn more fat, and will help you build lean muscle mass.

What cardio can do for you is help build up your endurance and stamina, which should be your aim if you are fresh to the race. On the other hand, cardio also calls for a bit more calories on your plate, so you might end up moving at a slower pace than you have bargained for.

When am I going overboard?

You will notice that battling yourself on a treadmill can only get you so far – while the initial results may seem amazing, and later satisfactory, at some point you will hit the dreaded weight loss plateau, and will lose no more. This is the perfect time to make weights you new best friends, if you haven’t already. Treat yourself to some new bodybuilding clothing – keep in mind you shouldn’t lift in what you run – and give your routine a twist.

Once you surprise your body with a new set of challenges, you will continue to see lean muscles mass built, and fat melted away. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t quit cardio altogether, merely find a balance between your different regimes.

How do I know what is right for me?

Losing weight is a different ball-game for all of us. Some folks manage to get beach ready simply by adjusting their diet, others do well with cardio alone, and some thrive when given a few pounds to lift. Knowing what works for you means you will need to test the waters and find your own pace and routine.

Some say that a general proportion would be to have 1-2 days of aerobic activity per week, where you can let loose and do all the cardio your heart desires. An additional 2-3 days should be weight training days. If you are feeling too tired, you might need to switch up your routine once again. The trick would be to cut down on the time you spend on aerobics and focus on anaerobics a bit more.

The trick with cardio is that your body can learn to adapt to it and stop responding as well as it used to back when you were still cursing yourself and the last cheeseburger after the second mile. Weight training isn’t a field of roses either, but will help you keep your body guessing, thus helping you avoid stagnation, and reach whatever goal you have set yourself when you sat down to read this article. Never ignore your running shoes – simply buy them a nice pair of gym shoes to keep them company.

Author: Norah Martin

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