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How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Staying motivated can be tough. We all know why we should be exercising. Health and fitness is important to get the most out of our bodies, it helps us to look better, feel better, and perform to our best. This goes for our mental abilities too. Exercising helps us to reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which means we can relax, focus, and achieve our potential in our day-to-day lives. So the benefits of exercise are clearly huge, but how do we stay on track with our regime?


How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Keeping a track of your progress if a great way to keep motivated. By keeping a diary of your workouts and how you did, you can hold yourself accountable. Tracking your runs and any other workout you do is another good way to stay motivated. Again, you’ll be able to see where you’ve slipped up or progressed, and hold yourself accountable. Charting your progress will also help you to establish new goals, and goals are a great way to stay motivated. Goal-setting gives us something to strive towards. It can be easy to get complacent but not when you set yourself new targets to achieve.

Exercise with a Friend

How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Working out with a friend is another good way to keep yourself on track. It means you’ll be able to do a lot more exercises that are far more dynamic than individual workouts. It also introduces some competition to your exercises. You’ll work harder than you thought you could in order to beat your opponent. Exercising with a friend also means you’re far more likely to do it. Even if you lack motivation, you’ll be standing them up if you don’t make the effort.

Keep it Interesting

How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Don’t just do the same workout or exercise every time. You’re bound to start lacking motivation if you do run after run on the treadmill. have top-quality equipment suitable for all levels of fitness. Have a look online or quiz your friends about some new workouts you could try. Exercise classes are also a good way to keep your exercise fun. The more fun and social a workout is the more likely you are to keep it up in the long run.

Engage the Senses

How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Working out shouldn’t be boring. Stay motivated by engaging your senses. Listening to music can pump us up and make a workout seem shorter. Similarly working out outdoors keeps us alert and interested. You have to pay attention to every position and exercise. In a dull gym, without music, sometimes the monotony can make us sloppy. Put in some headphones and get outdoors to stay motivated and get the most out of your workouts.

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