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How Music Can Help In Bodybuilding

How Music Can Help In Bodybuilding

If you are an ardent gym lover, there is a good chance that you take your Walkman or mobile phone with you, and listen to inspirational tracks while completing your sets. A common thing to witness in any gym, people often using music as they lift weights and trust us it seriously does help you during your workout and pushes your limits a little more. So, what is this power that music has? How does it help you in your body building routine?

1. Similar Rhythm Make You Work More

While doing your exercises without any music has no harm, but doing the same with little beats to add, sure has some great advantages. If you start working out listening to your favorite music the brain, as well as body, begins to feel all motivated to perform better. Your speed increases as you begin doing reps of exercises according to the intensity of the music. This sure does allow you to go an extra mile than those doing the same without any music.

2. It helps you forget pain

The soothing effects of music are known to everyone, and the same thing does apply when one does his/her workouts. Doing your exercises with a little music will help your brain to become occupied, and hence you won’t start feeling pain as quickly as one does after a heavy set.

3. Builds Your Endurance

Research conducted back in 2003 found that listening to music does increase one’s endurance. The research took about 100 subjects and asked them to do cycling in the gym where music with varying tempo was being played. The result saw subjects increasing and decreasing their cycling pace according to the tempo of music played compared to the steady speed of people placed in no music environment.

A body builder unknowingly will start building stamina and endurance as he works out in the gym as his brain activity will be controlled by the tempo of music played.

4. Improves Focus

You cannot work out properly rather efficiently with a distracted mind. If you are planning on serious bodybuilding, then you ought to give it your all. Music helps you stay determined as well as your mind focused enough to generate maximum power and hence get maximum gains.

5. Allows You to Recover Quickly Physically and Mentally

People who listen to music during their bodybuilding sessions have shown a quicker recovery. They tended to feel more content and satisfied with their sessions, and the feeling of fatigue is not induced within them. Classical or soft music with musical instruments playing soothing beats will help your nerves and heart return to its normal state and get your mind the much-needed relaxation after a heavy workout.

Different types of music have been told to have different effects on the body. Specialists say the best music to listen during your workouts is the hard rock, while after a workout you can listen to some classical beats which will help in recovery.

So, build your playlist now and get yourself the required pump and body which you always desired.

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Emily is a blogger and a fitness expert who works for She encourages people to take up living a healthy lifestyle and provides them with fitness programs to achieve the ideal body shape they desire.

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