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How Long Does It Really Take To Lose 10 Pounds?

How Long Does It Really Take To Lose 10 Pounds?

No, we aren’t talking about money! Weight loss can be difficult, frustrating and take what feels like an age to do successfully. The good news is that we can calculate how long it takes under certain conditions, and use this knowledge to speed things up.

How long?

First of all, we can measure this with a simple calculation. We know that 3000 calories weighs a pound, so 10 pounds is 30,000 calories. Put simply then, to lose 10 pounds, you must burn 30,000 calories more than you have eaten over a period of time. A typical adult burns 1800-2000 calorie a day simply by existing, and this is where the recommended daily calorie intake comes in, as you will need to match that in food in order to maintain bodyweight.

To lose weight with any speed then, you will need to increase the amount of calories burned per day through exercising, and to also reduce your daily calorie intake. A 1200-calorie diet combined with a 2,500-daily output would yield an overall weight loss of 1 pound every 2-3 days. At that rate, a 10-pound weight loss would take 20-30 days, but also relies on a 700-calorie exercise daily. This kind of output inevitably leads to increased hunger, which would make 1200 calories difficult for, say, an adult male. Also, factoring in rest days, your average daily calorie output would be slightly lower, so it could be up to two months before you shed the magic 10 pounds.


One option to accelerate this process would be to take on a team sport, or distance running, to maximize your burn versus intake on work-out days. It is possible to burn 1,000 calories an hour doing high-intensity sport, so two hours of sport could equal an overall daily output of around 4,000 calories. Offset that with a 2,000-calorie diet for that day, and it would take 3 days to lose 2 pounds, leaving four rest days per week, and five weeks to lose the weight.

This is not always an option though, as it requires good physical conditioning, not to mention the opportunity to play a sport. Another option might be to attempt a diet plan, or to look to homeopathic solutions, such as HCG diet drops, which contain a natural hormone that improve metabolism. The solution that works for you could dramatically accelerate the process, with some users reporting a loss of 10 pounds in a week.


Another popular way to lose weight more quickly is through crash-dieting, which is essentially dramatically reducing your calorie intake. It is important not to do this unsafely though, as a dramatic reduction in food intake alters your blood sugar and insulin levels, and can cause health issues as well as just generally making you feel unwell and lethargic. Eliminate all junk food, you can also try 4 week no junk food challenge.

Exercise is important for overall health and for fat burning, and if you’re unable to exercise then you may lose weight, but you won’t be burning the deep visceral fat that actually causes health problems. Health experts recommend a loss of 2 pounds a week is a heathy reduction in weight, assuming you are going down the route of exercise and calorie reduction. Again though, this does not apply to natural, homeopathic solutions.

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