Fitness At Home – What Are Your Options?

Not everybody loves the gym environment. And not all of us enjoy fitness classes or personal trainers. So what are your options for boosting your strength and stamina when you would rather stay at home? Working out at home is not only possible, but it costs you almost nothing. No gym subscriptions to pay. No car fuel to get to the fitness studio. Best of all, it can even cost you nothing in time. If you’re just watching TV, why not make use of that time? Working out in front of the TV gives you the best of both worlds.

In Front Of The TV

So you love watching soap operas and movies? Perfect, because they give you the opportunity to get a great workout. If you have a treadmill at home, you can set your TV up in front of it. Your soap will probably last about thirty minutes. That’s a great run! And if you’re watching a movie for ninety minutes, you can mix up your workout. Try to include stretches, strength work, and that all-important cardio. Reps are far less boring when you’re checking out your favorite actors at the same time.

Fitness At Home - What Are Your Options?Thanks to Flickr for the pic

Of course, your TV can be used for more specialist work. There are thousands of different workout videos available on DVD or streaming services. You could even learn new ways to stay fit and healthy by picking up some Tai Chi DVDs or Step Aerobic DVDs. The choices are endless. This means you can try a different activity or workout every day for a month! Most workout DVDs are structured in chapters. This means you can pick one to suit the amount of time you can allocate to your workout.


You certainly don’t need a lot of equipment to get a well-rounded workout in your own home. While it can be handy to have a treadmill, cross-trainer or exercise bike, none of these are essential. Some people still get a lot out of the old Nintendo Wii fitness games. They’re certainly fun, but most of the activities can be done without needing a console. What you will need is a non-slip mat and enough space to spin on the spot with your arms outstretched. Most living rooms meet this criterion.

Fitness At Home – What Are Your Options?Thanks to Flickr for the pic

You should also have a bottle of water handy. Your TV can be a great distraction or source of music while you workout. Perhaps you prefer the iPod. There are certainly many fitness apps on smartphones. They can offer inspiration, training instruction, and motivation. Perhaps the most important thing you need is tenacity to get the workout done. You could record each of your workouts in your favorite app and use the graphing option to monitor your progress. This is great to spur you on to continue and do better.

Around The House

For those of you who can’t or won’t leave the house, there are plenty of great things you can use at home. The stairs are one of the best. Stepping gets the heart pumping and gives your ankles, calves and thighs a great workout. It can be used to shape, tone, and refine your entire lower body and buttocks. Start slowly after a comprehensive warm-up. Over the next few days, increase the steps, then begin to increase the speed. A good step workout lasts about ten minutes. You can also use the steps to learn how to do press-ups. As the step you reach for is elevated from your feet, this can make the exercise more accessible for beginners.

Fitness At Home – What Are Your Options?Thanks to MikeBaird at Flickr for the pic

The bed can be a more comfortable surface to learn sit-ups too. However, softer or springier beds could interfere with good posture. If your coccyx is troublesome, try doubling your workout mat, or stick to half-crunches instead. Tins and cans are great ways to start toning arms without resorting to heavy, expensive weights. They’re better for strengthening wrists and hands too. A door bar can be purchased and installed quite cheaply and easily. These are ideal for pull-ups and can be used almost anywhere in your house.

Exercise at home can be done whenever you’re in the mood. Or you may plan a schedule around children and the rest of the family. Perhaps you need to save some money for a year or two but don’t want to give up your fitness routines? There are many reasons for doing it. For some, there is that urge to get up and do something other than watching TV! Don’t forget, you can always walk, jog or cycle around your neighborhood. And your local park could be the perfect outdoor gym.

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