Do You Need Yoga Or Insanity In Your Life

Do You Need Yoga Or Insanity In Your Life

Whether we’re talking about yoga, or the famous Insanity workout challenge, one thing’s for sure: you have to have heard of both workouts. To start off with an early answer to the question in the title (don’t hate me for this): it depends.

The important question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I want, a combination of high intensity muscle gain or lean muscle with clarity of mind combo?” Without further ado, let’s dive into comparison.

Muscle Mass

If you’re one of the firm supporters of the no-lifting-no-muscle-gain theory, you’re in for a bit of surprise. It is a huge misconception that when doing bodyweight exercise (what both yoga and Insanity essentially are) you aren’t lifting weight – you are, but that of your own! It is merely a difference in what areas of your muscles you are activating. What bodyweight exercise grants you is a more adaptable, utilizable and stabile figure, and posture.

It is severely untrue that yoga will leave you with nothing but a calm mind, because some of the positions require a hefty amount of effort, to say the least. Even more so if you’re engaging in power yoga that offers stances more difficult to maintain, and for manifold amount of time at that.

The Insanity workout, however, gives you nothing but muscle gain. Owing to the fact that it’s based on engaging the same type of activity, but at a gradually increasing pace, you are in for a fair level of muscle exhaustion, but also muscle mass increase.

It could be said that both yoga and its adversary are a sort of ultimate weightlifting exercise, only the latter comes with an emphasis, when muscle gain is in question.

Weight Loss

Let’s begin by throwing a common misconception right into the bin: physical exercise is simply not enough if you’re looking to shed pounds. It might keep you from gaining weight, but that’s not the same thing now, is it?

Although the Insanity workouts can make you actually feel your calories melt away, if you go for eating sprees at fast food joints after each of the 6-day workouts, you’re only making up for all that you’ve managed to burn.

On that note, doing power yoga does tend to be extremely exhausting for your muscles and a calming experience for your psyche, but none of this matters if it makes you feel that you deserve a couple of burgers afterwards. It’s all pretty basic math, spiced up with a bit of biology.

Although it’s highly recommended to drink coffee after an Insanity workout, this just doesn’t seem to fit with yoga; for it is a tad unhealthy, as we all know.

I recommend that you opt for a clean, healthy beverage (Kill Cliff’s Epic Mojo is my drink of choice) no matter what of the two workout regimes in question you should choose.

Do You Need Yoga Or Insanity In Your Life

The Mental Aspect

It is a well-known fact that any form of physical exercise provides a certain amount of mental clarity. However, yoga is a definite winner on this battlefield. Yes, yoga can be physically challenging, but if you’re thinking about what movie you are going to watch after a session, well, you’re not exactly doing yoga.

While the Insanity workout will give you a healthy dose of pride and psychological calmness after a workout, yoga is something way bigger – it is a way of thinking. The ocean of clarity and peace it provides is incomparable to anything else in the modern world.

The Verdict

Even though I firmly believe that this article has provided enough information for you to decide what to opt for, the answer to its title still remains a vague one; it depends on what you’re really craving. If you’re looking for an addition to your new healthy diet plan so that you can bulk up, Insanity may be your niche. If mental clarity and lean body mass is what you seek, yoga might be the way to go.

Clearly a healthier and more relaxing form of muscle engagement, yoga is something widely recommended. Whether you’re prepubescent, or starting a new journey later in life, slowly approach this exciting new adventure.

Author: Kate Flannery

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