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Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Tired of having to wait in line to use gym equipment? Irritated by the uninspiring music that blares out during your workouts? Fed up with journey times cutting into your workout times? Wouldn’t you prefer to have your own personal gym that’s available to use at anytime? Americans spend on average $41 a month on gym membership, that’s nearly $500 a year which could be a sizeable investment in your own home gym.

Surely a home gym costs big bucks

You can construct a home gym for less money than you may think. The basic equipment listed below can be purchased for $500-$1,000 – that’s no more than two years of gym membership. Go for pre-owned gym equipment which can be picked up for less than half of the original cost. And it’s also worth contacting equipment manufacturers which might sell refurbished equipment that was formerly leased to gyms. Remember, your gym can evolve over time to include more expensive upgrades. Just start with the basics and you can add to them in the future as you grow your home gym.

Essential equipment

For strength training, you’ll need to stock your gym with these essentials:

  • Barbells are most effective for building functional strength and muscle, and will provide the foundation of most of your workouts. Ensure you buy an Olympic bar, typically 7 feet long with a rotating, 2-inch-diameter sleeve, which will be sturdy and won’t be outgrown. New plates typically cost $1 per pound, but second-hand ones can be found less than 50 cents per pound.
  • You’ll need a good quality, sturdy bench, ideally an ex-commercial bench rather than one for home use which will be of inferior quality. Look out for bolts – benches with bolt adjustments are not robust.
  • A power rack will be the biggest and most expensive piece of equipment you buy, but it is an absolute necessity: it provides a safe method of self-spotting for important exercises such as bench presses. Investigate the different features and add-on accessories available, but make sure you invest in the the sturdiest you can find.
  • Adjustable dumbbells have many of the same advantages of barbells: they’re versatile, functional, and durable. They’re also cheap to purchase from high street stores or fitness suppliers.
  • Protective flooring is key is relatively cheap. Go for commercial grade foam flooring which will stand the test of time and heavy weights.

Create the right atmosphere

Create your own workout nirvana with music and decor that will inspire and motivate you to work your very hardest. Consider a mirror – not a great expense but vital for meditating on movement and helping you become your own instructor.

Get training!

You’re all set to go. You can listen to your own music, make as much noise as you want, stay in the power rack for hours on end. In fact, the benefits of having your very own gym are endless!

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