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Can What You Wear To The Gym Be Causing Any Harm?

Can What You Wear To The Gym Be Causing Any Harm?

Walking onto the track, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the gym is a frustrating process for newbies and rookies. You can’t quite stop thinking whether anyone is looking at you, are you doing the exercise properly, do your shorts make you look bigger than you are in reality. The thought that you might easily hurt yourself, or even worse, hurt someone else, also often flashes through your mind, as you do rep after rep. According to a study conducted by the University of Arkansas, the number of gym injuries has been on a constant rise for several decades.

As gym equipment keeps getting more and more sophisticated, as newer and more and more outlandish exercises keep surfacing all over the globe, it is no wonder inexperienced gym goers tend to cause themselves unnecessary pain. However, can what you decide to wear to the gym make it easier for these unwarranted injuries to find you?

Skirt the shirt

Most newbies tend to stick to 100% cotton T-shirts for their workouts. While cotton is undoubtedly an excellent choice for everyday wear, as it allows your skin to breathe, you should steer clear of it when heading for a workout. Your cotton T will indeed absorb all the sweat, but will not dry, thus leaving you wrapped in a wet blanket. Ultimately, this can cause skin irritations and even an unpleasant rash. I won’t even mention the odour.

Finding appropriate gym wear is however not such a daunting task. Instead of buying your outfit from the half-off bin, try visiting a specialized store that carries a variety of styles and fabrics, and choose one that fits you best. Don’t buy a dozen pieces of the same white T-shirt just because it’s a bargain. As you graduate from rookie to veteran, you will realize that one proper shirt cancels out all the cheap knockoffs.

Blasted bottoms

People often opt for either baggy sweatpants or too short shorts as their choice of gym wear. While the first may seem like an acceptable plan, wearing a pair of shorts you can not move freely in is obviously a reckless idea. The sweatpants, on the other hand, if not close-fitting, will prevent you from seeing if you are performing an exercise properly, and will often hinder your movements and keep getting caught in things, shifting your focus away from your sets.

Choose a pair of close-fitting (not too close, mind you) sweatpants or shorts, which will allow you to perform each move to the best of your ability. Bear in mind it is you who needs to be comfortable, and not distracted by the pulling sensation enveloping your lower body.

Flexible feet

By far the most potentially dangerous and underestimated piece of gym wear are your sneakers. When choosing your very first pair, and all subsequent ones for that matter, you need to identify what your intentions with the shoe are: will you be running or lifting, on the track or indoors, how often and in what conditions. Only then can you head for the store. Make sure the shoe fits perfectly right off the bat (forget about breaking them in, you need to feel no discomfort at all), and that it will allow your foot to breathe.

With the shoe come the socks: another vital part of your apparel which often flies under the radar. Choosing the proper sock might even be more important than buying the perfect shoe. Make sure you stay clear of your fancy dress socks, and buy a few pairs of athletics socks which will help absorb the punches.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you – and you can simply not complain you have a limited choice. With gyms popping up like mushrooms, a new gym product is launched every day. Make good use of the fierce competition between brands, and find the apparel which will best help you in all your fitness endeavours.

Author: Norah Martin

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