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Best Exercises To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Best Exercises To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is both embarrassing and frustrating. It is a common problem that men suffer. There are a lot of reasons that triggers ED such as diabetes, obesity, diabetes and low testosterone levels. Besides the physical conditions, psychological issues, hormonal fluctuations, blood flow problems and nerve damages are causes of ED as well.

Taking medication like Viagra, VirgRX, natural male enhancement pills like, Male Extra and ExtenZe or visiting sites like OMGBrah – site for male can help in treating ED. Natural ways like exercise can also complement vitamins and supplements, becoming more efficient. Here are some of those natural methods.

Kegel Exercises

Best Exercises To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, kegel exercises benefit men as much as it gives to women. Kegel exercise is a super special type of training that women do to control incontinence and tone their vaginal muscle. A study suggests that kegel exercise as a pelvic floor exercise can help men with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Also, this type of exercise can make a person’s orgasms stronger. When learned, a person can do pelvic floor exercises anytime. To master Kegels, first, locate the pelvic floor muscles then try to stop and hold the flow of urine.

Remember to make this move only once, as it might affect the flow of urine. After locating the muscles, tighten and draw the muscles in, the lift them upward. Hold for a few seconds then release. Men can do this exercise 8 to 10 repetition with rests in between.

Aerobic Exercises

Best Exercises To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Working the muscles not limiting to pelvic floor can also be a great shield to erectile dysfunction. According to a study published in American Journal of Cardiology, aerobic exercises can be a significant impact in improving erectile dysfunction.

Blood flow problems to the penis are the common cause of ED. Common diseases such as high cholesterol, obesity, vascular disease, and obesity affect the blood flow which results to ED. Adding aerobic exercise to the daily routine can not only improve a person’s overall health but will also aid in the improvements in erectile dysfunction. By just doing brisk walking can change a person’s cardiovascular health and benefit the ED.

Weight Training

Best Exercises To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

One of the best solutions to erectile dysfunction is by improving the function of the endothelium or the inner lining of blood vessels. According to Wayne Hellstrom, it can be a great help in improving erectile functioning if the endothelium is healthy. Cardio exercises can assist in maintaining good health for endothelium.

Doing cardio training and weight training can help increase bone strength and muscle mass, which aids in the stability and balance, that are responsible for combating any injuries. Also, weight training helps in lowering the blood pressure. Lastly, improving the muscles is great in boosting self-esteem as well, and that is not a bad thing.


Best Exercises To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

There is a misconception that only women are welcome to do yoga exercises. However, yoga brings an ultimate benefit to a man’s health. Since the human brain and body are complexly connected, exploring their connection can help in combatting fatigue and stress which are common can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Yoga is excellent for improving a person’s sense of well-being. It is also great in helping a person become more flexible, which also helps in reducing the risk of any sports-related injuries. When men engage themselves to yoga exercise, they most like suffer less stress, have vast improvements in their breathing, and the general tension is low. Yoga exercises help to improve the blood circulation in the pelvic area of the body.


Medications do not necessarily treat erectile dysfunction. There are tons of methods and activities that can help men reclaim his hot and steaming sex life without involving any pills. Starting with kegel exercises of any pelvic floor exercise is already a good start. Contrary to popular belief, males can perform Kegel exercises anytime.

Besides keeping the cardiovascular healthy, aerobic exercise also gives a huge impact in maintaining an erection. Following it up with more aerobics and yoga can provide a huge help in curing ED. Besides, popping some male enhancement pills exercise is a great and natural way that will combat erectile dysfunction.

Author Bio:
As a writer and blogger, Harry Beckett loves to share his ideas about a various topic. Usually, he talks about things that involve health and lifestyle. Besides from being computer junk, Harry is also a gym guy and a fitness enthusiast. Almost every day, Harry would spend at least an hour lifting weights in the gym.

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