Bespoke Gym Workouts – A Routine That Works For You Personally

We all want to be the best we can be. Although we are all aware that perfection is an elusive goal, it’s what we strive for. We expect to slip, here and there, but the thing is that if you aim for perfection and just miss, you still end up somewhere good. With that being the case, it’s no wonder that the fitness and strength industry is as lucrative as it is. Supplements, gym memberships, every aid we can get our hands on. If it can help, we’re interested.

The tricky thing here is that it’s harder than it may seem. Although there is more aid and more information out there than there has ever been, what works for Person A may not suit B.

To put it another way, your friend may get great results with this diet and that gym regime. You can do the exact same as them, side by side, and not get the same results. The reason for this is as complicated and as simple as this sentence: You are not your friend. What they do affects them in a specific way, and will affect you differently.

Bespoke Gym Workouts - A Routine That Works For You Personally

When it comes right down to it, you need to have an approach that works for you. It should fit your weight, height, metabolism and schedule. So unless your friend is also your identical twin, it makes sense that you’ll need different approaches.

Why You Need A Bespoke Routine

Exercise and diet are not like a recipe in a cookbook, where these ingredients in that utensil for such a period of time will get the result desired. They are more like an experiment, where the feedback you get will govern what you should do next. Although a lot can be judged from factors like body type and metabolism, these are advisory factors and not fixed instructions.

How This Works In Practice

Bespoke Gym Workouts - A Routine That Works For You Personally

When you work with a personal trainer, such as one from Transform307 or a similar group, they monitor your results. They can tell what effects your activity is having, and immediately tell you what to do more of, what to eat less of and how soon to expect results. The end goal towards which you are working stays fixed, but how you get there may change.

What If It Doesn’t Work At All?

The fact is, something will work. That is the point to keeping track of what you are doing. It is essential to be honest with yourself and any trainers. If you are not doing what is needed in terms of diet, then of course the exercise regime won’t work. Fitness and wellness are holistic above all. There’s no single magic bullet that will make you fit and healthy.

At the bottom of everything, you need to look at getting fit as a journey. Not because that’s what reality show contestants say, but because you have a destination and directions. If for some reason the original map doesn’t give you the right information, you need to change it. But as much as the directions may change, the goal remains the same.

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