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Valuable Advice For Avoiding Common Weight Lifting Injuries

Valuable Advice For Avoiding Common Weight Lifting Injuries

Weight lifting has plenty of benefits for your body, but there are some risks you’ll want to avoid. The last thing you want is to experience a weightlifting injury. These types of injuries can come in many forms. Small sprains might require you to recover for a few extra days. Serious injuries may mean you have to give up lifting for months.

It’s always best to take preventative measures before any of these injuries can happen. Here are some useful tips for avoiding injuries in the gym.

Use Protective Equipment

There’s a lot of equipment out there designed to help protect you from injuries when lifting. Good footwear is the best place to start, as it helps you improve your posture and lift with your legs.

Things like compression garments and squat belts can help protect your joints and improve your form on heavy compound lifts. Companies like Copper Joint provide equipment for minimizing joint pain and preventing injuries.

Weight lifting gloves can also help. By giving you a firmer grip on weights, you can focus more on form and not have to worry about dropping something heavy on your toes.

Warm Up Before You Workout

Valuable Advice For Avoiding Common Weight Lifting Injuries

Rest days aren’t for laziness. Exercising often causes inflammation in your body, and also puts a lot of stress on your muscles and joints. You need to give your body optimal time to recover. Neglecting to do this can lead to more strains and even injuries, so take it seriously.

Form Before Everything

The most prominent and damaging cause of weight lifting injuries is improper form. When you’re lifting heavy weights, you must ensure your technique is perfect to make sure your body doesn’t get damaged.

Focusing on your form is particularly important for compound lifts. Heavy lifting with incorrect form can lead to injuries such as a torn rotator cuff. Squatting or deadlifting with an arched back can lead to a slipped disc. These injuries will stop you from working out for a long time. If you’re unsure of your form, start with lower weights and jumping straight into heavy lifts is a quick path to injuries. Doing a quick warm up will help loosen up your joints and get some blood flowing into your muscles. This helps prevent many problems associated with lifting.

A simple warm up would be to have a quick 10-minute cardio session. You could also start by lifting low weights for high reps. This can help prepare your body for heavier loads. Even yoga can help for warming up and preventing injuries.

You should also incorporate stretching into your warm up. Many scientists argue that stretching helps prevent injuries. It can improve the length and flexibility of muscles, which goes some way to preventing sprains. Some people recommend stretching at the end of a workout instead of the start, as it can also help with recovery.

Take Rest Days Seriously

When you’re on a roll in the gym, you probably don’t want to stop. However, you must take at least one rest day a week, if not more.

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