A Healthy Diet Can Ward-Off Prostate Cancer

A Healthy Diet Can Ward-Off Prostate Cancer


With the rising incidences of prostate cancer around the globe, the need to device an effective treatment plan has now become quite urgent. According to the recent statistics which have been stated by the medicalnews.com, each year about 209,292 males are affected and diagnosed with the disease in the United States. The same source tells us that in the same region, 27,970 mortalities occur owing to prostate cancer every year.

The American Cancer Society has made an estimation that about one in every seventh male shall be diagnosed with this disease during their lifetime. This incidence is a pretty big deal. However, fortunately, with the help of advanced technologies and general awareness, prostate cancer is diagnosed early in its stages, which makes way for an early treatment possible.

Moreover, about 70 percent of prostate cancer types grow slowly. This factor somewhat decreases the amount of fatality associated with the ailment.

How does prostate cancer occur?

The pathology of prostate cancer has been revealed by much extent, but the accurate reason behind its occurrence could not be established as yet. Researched data tells us that the disease is more prevalent among men of older ages. This is in accordance to the medicalnews.com which states that about six in ten cases of prostate cancer are found in men around the age of 65 years.

Some population has genetic mutations naturally present in their body which makes them prone to develop the disease. Such individuals mostly present with a positive family history, with their father, grandfather, uncle or brother having been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society states that genetic mutations are responsible for about five to ten percent of the prostate cancer cases.

What does a healthy diet have to do with prostate cancer?

Diet can cause as well as heal the cancer of the prostate. As we know that healthy foods contain cancer-fighting compounds known as ‘flavonoids,’ that drive-off the cancer-causing species from the body. Thus, anyone who consumes enough amounts of these flavonoids daily is much protected from the attack of the cancer cells.

Moreover, foods such as colorful fruits and cruciferous vegetables contain high amounts of anti-oxidants that drive away free radical species from the body. Thus, with such a mechanism, less radical species pertain in the body that can cause harm to normal cells.

What foods can favor the occurrence of prostate cancer?

The relation of diet with the enhancement of prostate cancer can be demonstrated well from a research study which suggests that too much of sugar intake can promote progression of blood insulin levels, which in turn can enhance cancer in the prostate gland. Hence, cutting down on the unnecessary intake of sugar can help in the prevention of the disease. Since sugar acts as a primary source of energy to cancer cells, its excessive consumption is thus likely to worsen the condition of a patient.

Along with the addition of appropriate and adequate nutrients in your diet, you must also make sure that your plate does not contain any excess of these, since a particular research that was published in ajcn.nutrition.com says that high amount of calcium intake can prove to be a factor for prosperity of prostate cancer cells, as high calcium levels in blood directly inhibit the plasma levels of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3.

This hormone is beneficial in a manner that it protects against the ailment. Hence, decreased D3 levels in the blood can increase one’s potential to develop cancer of the prostate.

What foods can protect from prostate cancer?

Foods that contain carotenoid lycopene have been found to reduce the risk of occurrence of cancer of the prostate gland. This is in accordance with a research study that was conducted in this regard. The carotenoid lycopene compound is likely to be found in tomatoes.

Moreover, research also suggests that legumes and vegetables cast a protective effect in the body against the disease. Hence, we can summarize from the available data fruits and vegetables are by all means healthy and protective when it comes to the occurrence of prostate cancer.

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We can conclude that the formation of the internal environment of our body, as well as its external outlook partly, depends on upon the kind of diet we adapt to. A healthy diet will always translate into a life free from diseases. Hence, make sure that your plate is decorated much with vegetables and fruits rather than red meat.

Moreover, men with a positive family history and genetic susceptibility issues regarding prostate cancer must take care of their diet more than often, since healthy eating habits will aid in turning off or suppress the mutated genes in their body.

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David Gomes completed his M.S Professional degree in California Institute of Technology. He lives in Oakland, California, USA. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as joint health, weight loss, beauty and skin care for blogs and on-line publication sites. He also loves latest technology, gadgets. You can connect with him on Google+ and Twitter.

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